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kelledee 41 minutes ago 0 Replies

Oh well I go into hospital on Monday for my right salpingo -oophorectomy and adhesiolysis to say I'm worried is an understatement, I'm 36 I haven't had no children yet but I would like to try later on but my consultant says I could end up having eptopic pregnancys so to think about having my left tube clipped. I don't want that done. So many things going through my mind as I'm a big girl I'm worrying I won't wake up so I've written letters to my family and friends, I'm having dreams of dying and what my funeral will be like. Part of me can't wait for Monday to come as I've been waiting 6 months but the other part of me is dreading it, I have a blocked kidney as well I have a stent fitted at the moment but they say the tubes r still blocked and the stent is not working so that is another thing that is worrying and my work being on my back as I'm not in work. I'm hoping thy operate keyhole and I can get back to work for Christmas but they say they might have to open me up which means 3 months recovery I will loose job if that happens. I can't sleep I can't switch my mind off I know the complex turbo ovarian abscess is normal and a lot of women have them, but the hydronephrosis blocked kidney I'm just wondering if anyone has had this

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Just wanted to wish you luck. I was terrified before my first lap and had the same fears as you. Like you I am down to have a tube and ovary removed, left for me, next month and I am hiding my fears as my family have enough to worry about with my pain levels and general rubbishness at the moment. Any chance you can let me know how the op and recovery is? My Dr is very nice but he has been quite vague about recovery.

My work are great, well the boss is but my colleagues are picking up some slack when I keep having pain flare days off so they are getting a bit fed up. There should be someone in to cover me for a month but I don't think that anyone has been booked yet. I am a teacher so I am desperately trying to mark my books everyday so that if I am off (we have a 2 week mark turnaround normally) and so that if I need to go off sooner nobody has to back mark for me. This means I am working non-stop which I don't think is helping my health but I don't want to put extra work on anayone if I can help it and also don't want people seeing me as a slacker.


Yes I will let you know how the operation goes


My suggestion would be to clear your mind and focus on what you want and make it clear even if you have to write it down for the surgeon and on the consent form.

If you have the right ovary removed AND the left tube clipped you won't be able to conceive naturally. It sounds as though this consultant is being bleak/unfair and giving you unnecessary worry talking about ectopic pregnancy when you havn't even tried to conceive ! I had a tubo ovarian abscess which was dealt with without removing the ovary and tube on the right. ( the left ovary had been removed many years before ) The appendix was removed by a general surgeon and I learned there was endometriosis in the appendix when I asked for the histology report. I also had hydronephrosis which was affecting the left kidney but it was not necessary to have a stent and the endometriosis was removed from the ureter. These were not all in the same procedure. I had several surgeries. The fewer surgeries the better ! In your position I would ensure I had copies of the surgical reports from the hospital so that you can read for yoursef.

Let us know how you get on, good luck

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Thankyou I'm trying not to worry but I can't help it yes I will let everyone on her how it goes


Hi, try to calm down, rest and have faith in your surgeons, anaesthetist and nursing staff. They will be taking very good care of you. If you would like a family then that should be discussed with the your gynaecologist who will take into account your medical problem and gynaecological problem. You are obviously not ready to make that decision yet. Tackle one problem at a time. You have to do what is the best thing for you to give you the best quality of life. Unfortunately not every one can be blessed with children. Take care.


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