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Pelvic Pain and Endo clinic (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Hello Fellow Endo's...

I just had my first appointment with this clinic and I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the clinic or clinics with similar approaches elsewhere.

The concept of the clinic is to treat Endo via 3 different approaches - medical, physio and counseling. They do a lot with education, as well as working to 'rewire' your brain to how it was functioning before you started to be in chronic pain.

I'm a bit confused about it all at the moment...But I'm trying to have faith in the process...

Any experiences?

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I've been to this clinic, but not through the whole program because I didn't qualify. But I had two surgeries done by one of the founders - she is a top endo Dr., so all the md's in this clinic are highly knowledgeable and experienced. A multi faceted approach to pain relief and management works very well, and especially learning how your brain gets rewired from chronic pain - it is well worth going through the education. If you don't get progress with the physical therapy, I do know of a couple of other pelvic floor p.t.'s in the greater Vancouver area that are excellent. This physical therapy can be super effective to break up adhesions, free up the organs, relieve muscle trigger points, tension and other internal issues that contribute to the pain. Go with the program, it's rare to have access to these kind of resources and I think it will help you.

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I am wondering if you have ever tried a natural product called Immunocal (Canadian Company). It is a protein isolate & is written up in the CPS (compendium of Pharaceutical in Canada). I have been taking it daily for years. Google your health issues and Immunocal for testimonials. This may give you some relief. I live in British Columbia, as well. If you want more info send me a private email at Cheers


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