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Could my endometriosis be back already?

I had my first laparoscopy 4 weeks ago and had some early endometriosis removed.

Since then I have had one period that was extremely painful, severe shooting pains etc. And from then on my endo symptoms are back, in fact it seems to be worse.

My follow up appointment has been pushed back until November, but I am really concerned that something is not right.

Can anyone give me any advice?

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Have you requested a copy of the laparoscopy report from the hospital ? ( not the surgeons letter to the GP ) it's possible that if not all of the endometriosis is removed the pain can be worse. However things usually take longer than one period if they are going to improve. In your position I would get a copy of the laparoscopy report so that you can read what was removed and what may still be there and the location of it which could be important.


It was located in my peritoneum. From the report, it seems that she is confident she removed it a and that it will help my symptoms


If the symptoms don't improve, there must still be a problem. If there's no improvement after another 3 cycles, I would ask to see the surgeon to discuss. You could be referred to a pain specialist whose job it is to deal with these situations. Did you have the laparoscopy in London or somewhere else ?


I had it in Nottingham.

Thank you for your advice, I wasn't sure how long to wait before going to see a doctor. I didn't want to go too soon and have them tell me I need to wait longer


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