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pelvic , groin, and pubic pain

I had a pain in pelvic , groin, and pubic. sometime the pain also happen on my hip, inner thigh, scrotum and penis. I had go through urine test, uroflow test and ultrasound scan on inguinal hernia, doctor told me that all test and scan result show I am normal and he just give me urispas(flavoxate) to relax my bladder. anyone can tell me what wrong with me?

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Have you looked into the possibility of pudendal nerve damage? It has similar symptoms that you are saying? Floppytoe10.


I have similar symptoms, but am a female. I had the issue of calling my pain, pelvic pain, for years and was seeing gyno doctors. I guess what I really have is lower left quadrant pain, it's more in the groin hip area. I had sports hernias which I guess are similar to inguinal hernias (very painful) but harder to find. I had a surgeon, here in Denver, who specialized in hernia repair surgery. They didn't show up on my MRI.My symptomys lined up with sports hernias enough he did the surgery. Sure enough I had 4 of them.

I had a labral tear in my hip which I also had a specialized surgeon for and it causes similar symptoms.

I have had pain for 12 years and kept working a job where I stood all day for 9 of the these years. I think my pain is worse and I did more damage in this area from work. These surgeries didn't help me, but I know a lot of others were helped by them that had this same type of chronic pain. One thing I have learned is if the doctor doesn't specialize in whatever they are looking for, they will probably tell that you are fine.

I'm not sure if any of this sounds familiar? I just thought I would throw it out there.


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