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Advice on talking to consultant

Hi everyone

Hoping for some advice here. I've had incredibly bad period pain ever since they started at the age of twelve, and I'm 33 now and I'm now getting severe pain on a daily basis. My consultant seems adamant that the mirena would fix all my problems- I had one in but had it removed after six months as it was just making everything worse. I've now got another one (Just in case I was unlucky with the first) but the pain is just as bad as the first time. A while back I had an ultrasound where they saw a fibroid and they suspected I had adenomyosis but my consultant keeps dismissing these as unimportant!! Which is frustrating to say the least.

Anyway, I'm off to see the consultant again tomorrow- any advice on how to make them take me seriously? Frankly I'm tired of being fobbed off- I want a better solution. And I need my life back.

Any good vibes would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks

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The best way to get information about adenomyosis is to have an MRI that is read by a radiologist who has experience with this diagnosis. It would be worth asking for the images on a CD in case you need to get a second opinion. This can be done with MRI as the images are saved which is not the case with ultrasound. Ultrasound depends on the radiology skills of the person who performs the scan and it can't be looked at subsequently.


It could also be endometriosis :(.Please look it up ,your symptoms sound similar to the ones that I had. Endometriosis can't be seen on an ultrasound unfortunately.Keep being persistent it will pay off in the end.


Hi There,

I highly recommend you get a new Dr. I had a horrible Dr for years. I finally decided to get a new Dr and it has been amazing. I am by no means cured but just having a Dr who listens and takes one seriously is so good for one's mental state. I live in Canada, I went to my family Dr and asked to be referred to another Specialist. My family Dr agreed that I needed a new specialist. Maybe read some of the reviews on the rate your Dr sites and see if there is one that comes highly recommended. You deserve to be listened to and taken seriously.

Good luck


Your MRI DVD will cost approx £34 . At time of posting. You will have to pay and request this yourself.

Also I feel sure you are entitled to a second opinion re Consultant.


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