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blood tests

not necessarily related to pelvic pain btu as that is partly why i saw dr who arranged blood tests for diabetes .booked for last Friday but I forgot what day it was and didnt look at my list of things to do.rebooked for tomorrow then when I looked on the gps website and checked my appointments -another two booked on 27th,one for practice nurse to take bloods and the other fro nurse re diabetes.i ask myself why when I havent had bloods done yet?

not sure why testing for diabetes yet still not acknowledging abdominal weight gain(or at least considering any other options) and pelvic swelling.given codrydamol for pain but doing nothing. dr at hospital told me to take paracetemol even tho said I was taking codrydamol which contain paracetemol.

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Anbuma, maybe just a quick call to the diabetes nurse and ask her why you booked in would clarify for you.


i had bloods done today and asked her why i had another appointment on 27th as normally they dont request a second test until the results of the original one come back.she just said you have another one with me and one with Sister seeing gp tomorrow so ask her then.right now the tightness in my upper abdomen is unbearable and disabling and not easing.spoke to a nurse from ovacome and she said ask for a ca125 test,a scan and referral to gynae.and keep a track of symptoms using their symptom checker.


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