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Was supposed to see my gp yesterday but they changed my appt to 26th.not sure I can wait that long.wake with persistent pelvic pain and further increase in abdomen- another half stone weight gain. Now disabling- cutting out eating cereal but know that my diet is not the cause.neck tightness and difficulty swallowing and painful fatty areas in and around clavicle area.

Getting concerned now.need answers.recent tests revealed hiatus hernia etc but no reason for abdominal swelling etc.hoping he will discuss things rationally with me and listen to me and accept what I tell him.know I keep saying some of the same but am apology!highly unlikely.

Also concerned for my older dog.reluctant to go out.has gone off his normal food and a change in his eating habits from not eating til mid morning and early evening to as soon as he gets up and late evening as well as wanting biscuits and bonios!read this is a cause for Annie is also showing concern for both me and him.

Got to go now walk time.

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Call your GP's office and get an emergency appointment for today.


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