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Pudendal nerve block

I finally had an appointment at the Pelvic Pain Clinic at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary this week and was very relieved by the empathy and understanding of the two consultants I spoke with. They did talk about trying to remove the mesh that was inserted in a TVTO two years ago but we agreed this would probably not help and could cause more problems. They are now working with an anaesthetist at the hospital who has developed some expertise in carrying out ultra sound guided steroid injections into the nerve so they are referring me to him and I should have my first two injections in September. I am also to see a Pain Psychologist who works as part of the team there. I'm not sure how I feel about that as the anger I feel about what has happened to me is quite legitimate and I feel justified in directing some of that to the surgeon who carried out the operation.

I know I'll be anxious on the day of the injections but I must give it a go as the medication doesn't resolve the problem totally. I have read lots about the injections and I know they don't work for everyone but I'm thinking positively about it. Wish me luck!

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I also began having pelvic pangs of pain that I could hardly stand. After hearing so many replies that discouraged me to seek help from doctors , I looked into my Natural Remedies Book that has helped me in many ways through the years. The daughter bought some vitamin E capsules and gave them

to her mother who was suffering from this. She took two of a 200 mg capsules a day. Within a few days she was better, five years later she's cured of the pain and continues taking the vitamin. I began doing the same thing and I am doing so well, I am continuing it for as long as it takes. I am delighted, also they recommend magnesium which i'm also taking. I hope this information will help you.


O. H.


Hi Julia

I'm so pleased you are now at the top of the list for treatment!

I have had the guided nerve blocks too, whilst they helped me in the very short term they are often helpful in giving more of an insight into the origin of your pain.

This can then lead to more treatments. This is my experience.

Psychological treatment is so beneficial. It helped me to disolve some of the (justified) anger I was holding into how my pain came about in the first instance. This does not let the persons or orgainisations responsible off the hook it just encourages acceptance so you can move on without the attached negative emotion. By allowing this our pain can often reduce as we are not producing as much stress hormones which inturn stimulate the central nervous system creating a heightened sense of percieved pain.

I wish you well with your treatment plan.

kind regards



I wish lots of luck and completely understand your anger. My PNE was caused by a routine hysterectomy and it has turned my life upside down. Really encouraging to hear you were treated with empathy and kindness . Good luck


Thank you all for your replies, it really helps a lot to know other women are able to be so supportive. My friends are all good but for them the issue isn't foremost in their lives as it is for me and after two years they don't always take account of it. And I hate to keep on about it as if I'm looking for sympathy. So it is good to come to this site and read about other women's coping strategies and to have a good moan.

Thank you again, Julia


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