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Million March for Endometriosis

If you haven't heard about this please follow this link to Endometriosis UK's Events page & click on the link for The Million March.

It takes place on March 13th & other countries worldwide are all taking part on the same day. All thanks to Dr Kamran Nezhat - an Endo specialist in Palo Alto. He's tired of having to tell people what he does, getting blank stares in return. Know the feeling! You need to register with Endometriosis UK if you want to take part. Should be a fun day out & a chance to meet like-minded women & make some new friends along the way. Please spread the word & come & join us on March 13th at Kensington Gardens. Let's hope that we get a nice sunny afternoon for a stroll in the park. This isn't a sponsored walk - it's just a peaceful demonstration raising awareness for endometriosis around the world. This is my 20th year since being diagnosed with endo & very little has changed in those 20 years. We need to stand up for endo & raise the flag for a disease which affects approximately 176 million women & teenage girls worldwide. Hope to see you there :). A x


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