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Blue Cross Now Disallowing Baclofen in compounded meds

I just received notice that BC will no longer pay for the Baclofen in my Baclofen/Valium vaginal suppositories for PN. Does anyone use any other compounded suppositories for PN? If so, what drugs and what dosages are included? How often do you use them?

These are the only thing that help, and I cannot pay for them out of pocket. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My urologist recommended just Valium suppository for me but my coverage wouldn't pay for it so instead she to insert a 10 mg Valium tablet into my vagina. I did this for a week but it burned. I know that some compound clinics are cheaper than others. Try shopping around. Perhaps your pharmacy can recommend a compound clinic and you can get a lower price and ask your doc to send the script there. Oral flexaril helps with my muscle spasms. 10 mgs before bed and your insurance should cover that. Good luck


Ask your healthcare provider if Diazepam RecTube 2.5mg Rectal Solution could be an option for you. It works very fast, burns for less than 30seconds, but the relief is almost immediate. Best wishes!


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