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Can my wife's uterine adhesion be treated so that she can have a hysterectomy?

My wife has pelvic pain apparently from a combination of post op trauma, uterine adhesion and fibroids. She's had fibroids for at least 9 years, and has been menopausal for 8 years. When she was diagnosed with fibroids 9 years ago she was told they would disappear with the menopause. She had the menopause a year later. The op, 7 years ago, was to remove an ovarian abscess. The surgeon said he couldn't do a hysterectomy because of uterine adhesion. She's in constant pain and discomfort, and has bowel and bladder problems probably caused by the fibroids. She was recently diagnosed as still having them, but told that she couldn't have a hysterectomy because of the adhesion.

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I guess it depends where the adhesion is, it sounds as though it is attached to the bowel/bladder which would need the involvement of colo-rectal/urogyne. Has your wife requested copies of her surgical reports from the hospital ? these should show where the adhesions are on a diagram and describe whether they are filmy or dense. This information is not likely to be in any GP records or even if it is it may have been overlooked. It's worth requesting hospital and GP records: You have a right to have copies of these ( not just to view them which isn't the same ) but they may make a charge which shouldn't be more than £50.

Would be interested to hear how you get on with this.


Thanks for that, JudyB. My wife's going back to the specialist in 5 weeks. She was given a course of antibiotics to address suspected uterine infection. So when we go back, I'll ask if the doctor's got specific information from the op on the adhesion. If not, we'll ask the hospital for it. Generally speaking, however, is there any treatment for adhesion of this sort? I've seen reference to massage and the topical application of castor oil. Anything else?


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