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Calcified Lymph Node or Granuloma

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I had a sinus infection a week ago and began a course of antibiotics. I am now on a stronger course due to it moving into my lungs. My doctor ordered a chest x-ray. It showed a calcification in the left helium of my lung. They classified it as a calcified lymph node or calcified granuloma.

Has anyone else had one? I have absolutely np idea and I’m currently in between pulmonologist as I am no longer pediatric.

Let me know what I should do. (My primary care doctor wants to do follow up scans when I am feeling better).

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hello Gwen . I have a child with PCD and do not have it myself . However I have developed several calcified lymph nodes over many years . They are not a problem just a history of past infection . A granuloma probably won’t have any problems related either so don’t worry too

Much while waiting


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