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I posted previously about being pregnant. Just to say that our baby girl arrived a few weeks back, all fine and healthy, she's doing really well. I really struggled in the last few weeks of the pregnancy with the heat but miraculously survived with no chest infections just using the acapella mask. I was doing very little exercise and no percussion/postural drainage due to mobility so I'm amazed how well I managed to stay. Consultant did say sometimes chest conditions can improve during pregnancy and that seemed to be the case for me, it definitely didn't get worse. It's almost a bit harder to stay on top of now as baby is BF so I don't get much time to myself but we are managing so hopefully it'll be fine. :)

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Hi Emma! HUGE congratulations on your little girl! That’s such lovely news to read!

Do you feel like you’re all settled in to family life now?

So pleased that all was well health wise towards the end and managed to avoid Chest infections!

Do you mind if I ask a few questions. I’m 13 weeks and have my consultant appointment at the end of the month..

How did you find the birth? We’re you allowed gas/air?

I’d quite like a midwife led birth, in a pool preferably but have concerns over if I need to be induced how my chest may cope with the shock of things possibly speedin up quickly and losing control or breathing...

Still lots of time to get answers but would love to know your experience.



Congratulations on your pregnancy! 13 weeks was a miserable week for me, I had a nausea relapse for a few weeks but after that went off I felt much better.

In terms of the birth, I'd wanted similar to you and to have a water birth. I was told by my community midwife that it wouldn't be allowed because they would want me to be monitored very closely because of the PCD during labour ie hooked up to a machine so stuck on the bed which was my worst nightmare to be honest. Anyway, I discussed it with my respiratory consultant and he could see no reason why I couldn't have a water birth. I was swimming during pregnancy so being in water wasn't going to cause any issues. He wrote a letter to confirm this and so the maternity drs were happy to let me go for a water birth. They had no concerns over me having epidural or induction.

As it happened come the big day I didn't notice my 'braxton hicks' getting more intense and frequent through the day because we had a busy day. My waters then went at midnight and i stuck it out at home for a bit too long - for about 2 hrs - then had a mad dash to the hospital as i started pushing in the living room. Made it just in time and she was born 8 minutes after arriving in delivery 😂 so i didnt have any pain relief at all. I had gas and air afterwards while i had a tear stitched and it was fine. The lying back while they did it was a pain as it was making me cough and coughing afterwards while i recovered was a bit sore but its healed completley now, only took about a week. It wasn't quite how I planned it but it was perfect and also meant I was discharged the following day so that was even better!

Keep us updated as to how you get on and do feel free to ask any questions, if I can help I will. :)


Many congratulations Emma! Well done on the birth of your baby girl, now the fun starts!

Glad to hear you remained well all the way through and that you are now managing to bf. Try to keep up with the physio and chest clearance, as once you start mixing more in baby/child circles, you will be exposed to more child related bugs., so the clearer your lungs are the better. It's not easy fitting it in, but so worth it. I was feeding my two three hourly in the beginning, so the feeds often merged together, by the time I'd finished feeding them both, winding them, changing them, etc., it was almost time for the next round. But somehow you have to grab that bit of time for physio, etc., when actually all you want to do is nap!

Enjoy your baby daughter, the time goes so fast.



Many congratulations xx


Congratulations on your baby girl. It is wonderful news to hear your pregnancy went well and the baby is healthy. Keep up the good work and don't worry time to yourself. If get better over time but try to stay on top of your chest physio therapy.


Congratulations Emma that’s wonderful news x


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