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Hi everyone,

I went to my pulmo specialist the other day and had the spirometry test done.

The important digits are

FVC: 79,5%

FEV1: 55%

FEV1/FVC: 59.59%

The above numbers felt like a kick in the head because I thought I was doing much better than this. I believe I don't at all feel as I theoretically should according to those numbers. I jog, lift weights, hike and am generally really active. I carried a washing machine to the 4th floor a few months ago, all by myself! With my bare hands!

And now the pulmo specialists says I have emphysema and made an appointment for pulmonary rehab.

The above is a horrible wake up call, one I didn't want to get. I'm only 33 and those numbers put me in the 60+ smokers demographic. It's just a horrible feeling.

Is there any one here about my age with similar numbers? How did you take it? How long does stage II copd last before proceeding to stage III? Did anyone have any success improving their FEV1%?

I have a ton a questions that I am planning on bombarding my doc with.

Thanks for any replies.

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Hi! Look, I'm 34. My fev1 is just 34%. I'm not a smoker. Exercise, good diet and medications are the first Steps. There are people that improve their numbers . So, have faith and work a lot

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