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Can a PCD SIT patient adopt a dog?


Hey! I know this is very random but i was hoping you could help me with this problem.

I'm planning to adopt a dog and i have PCD SIT i.e a mirror arrangement found with some patients who are suffering from this. I'm 20 years old and I have searched the internet but am not finding anything on whether it is advisable for me to have a dog. What if the dog doesn't have much fur? I know it will still shed but I'm not finding anything on the internet so my dad is a little hesitant about me adopting one. Could anyone please let me know about this issue as soon as possible?


Anjal Mehta


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Hi Anjal... I would check that you are not allergic to the dog before you adopt one. Otherwise I don't think this should be a problem. Walking the dog will be good for you! Good luck

AnjalMehta in reply to fionac66

how do i check if i'm allergic to dog?

thank you :)

fionac66 in reply to AnjalMehta

assume if you don't get a rash, sneeze or wheeze more than usual then you are not allergic to the dog!

AnjalMehta in reply to fionac66


thank you for being so helpful.

I was worried but the Pcd team said ok unless my daughter was allergic. We got a springer spaniel and everything is great. Lots of walks for dog and patient no ill effects.


I've copied and pasted a privious answer that I put up to a similar question on here, about a month ago...

*** I know of many people with PCD who have pets, including cats, dogs and horses. I myself have had cats and a dog and I used to ride, I've never had a problem,. However if you have an allergy to certain animals then that could be a trigger, as in anyone with allergies, not just those of us with PCD. ***

Our daughter has multiple allergies, and interestingly, the things she has not had an issue with, are those she had been exposed to from the beginning.

We had a cat which was with us from before she was born, and never had any issues. Yet had awful reactions to other people's pets.

Likewise with food, I ate peanuts all through my pregnancy and she has always loved peanut butter. Yet one bite of a hazelnut ice cream when she was 4, and she had an anaphylactic reaction.

She had her allergies confirmed by RAST blood tests, which checks for IgE antibodies specific to a substance, and they were highly positive for various tree nuts including hazelnuts, but not ground nuts, negative on all the things we expected, but significantly raised (>100) for dust mites and pet dander and various pollens, which came as no surprise at all.

There are also skin prick tests available, which of course are more relative for skin mediated reactions, but may be easier to obtain.

As long as you're not allergic to the fur or the dander (skin flakes), and as long as you keep the house clean so that dust and shed fur don't build up to irritate your sinuses and lungs, you should be fine. When my PCD sister and I (both SIT, as you call it) were young, our mom said no fur when we were kids because we were allergic to it. But as we grew up and the allergies faded, we had cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and birds. No problems. At one time, I had two dogs and four cats and ALL of them slept in my bed with me---no problems with sinuses or lungs!

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