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Newbie here

62 years old, PCD with SI and polysplenia. Have a 66yo sister PCD/SI, too. Normal sister and brother as well. On oxygen 24/7, currently living at sea level, but am about to move in next couple of months; we'll see if I can tolerate 1800 feet above sea level or not. But I need a dryer climate, now, so if I can't handle that altitude, will look at a place that's 500 feet above sea level. Am on disability with lung function currently at 24%. Not interested in lung transplant. I'm in the US.

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Welcome! You will ALL find Laurel a great source of information Guys. I know her a long time and she is so informative and helpful and giving with her time.


Thanks, Lisa. Will do my best, but I'm in the middle of trying to go through stuff and get rid of almost all of it, preparatory to moving across the country. So my time is more limited for the next couple of months. However, will do what I can!


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