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Post surgery blues.

My mum had sinus surgery a little over two years ago and since has lost most of her smell and taste due to nerve damage so will never regain either sense. She gets very frustrated when she can't taste something she used to love and I hate seeing her like this and feel useless because I can't help her. Has anyone else had this happen and how did you find comfort.

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I know how awfully frustrating this can be. My dear late mother had major cancer surgery many years ago in her late 40s, and was left with no sense of smell or taste. She suffered greatly because of this, and it took her quite some time to adapt. She eventually found certain foods & flavours gave more enjoyment than others, and found sour / bitter flavours which she once loathed, she actually came to enjoy. I myself had nasal surgery which left me without sense of smell for a time, but ESS surgery helped with this enormously. However, if the issue is nerve damage, then this would not help. On a more positive note, a good friend of ours had nerve damage following a bad car accident, and although it took a long time, his sense of smell and taste did eventually return. I guess the outcome can vary with this very much. Best wishes.


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