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Port A Cath

Hello everyone

My son Harrison is 13 and had a port fitted when he was 3 for regular IV's ( every 3 months for 2 weeks ) . He is just about to finish a 2 week course . And Harrison asked me if he would have to have if forever !!

My question is do any of you have IVs in adulthood and if so do you have a port fitted or do you have a cannula when & if IV are needed ?

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I am 42 and have a port a cath the last 12 years.


Thank you for the reply Lisa. Can I ask how many times a year do you have IVs ? Or does it depend on how well you are. And if your working, how does it effect that ? Xxx


I'm quite a bit older than Lisa and fortunately have not ever needed to have a port fitted. So far I've always been okay having my IVs with cannulas, including the occasional long line.

Hopefully Harrison won't need a port forever, if they come up with another way of administering the meds. Things are always advancing, so you never know!

All the best to your boy.


Thank you for the reply Terry.

Harrison's consultant did tell us that everyone is different and it was a matter of waiting and see !!!

Harrison was just curious about how it would effect working life if he did need it all the time.

He's just finished a two week course today and is very very well xxx

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Hi ... my boys are now aged 20 and 22. They had their ports removed when they were in their late teens after having them for over 8 years. When younger they had IV's 3 to 4 times a year but one has not had them for over 4 years and the other 6 years. We are assuming that if they need IV's again in the future that their veins will a) be bigger as they are physically bigger now b) repaired a bit as they haven't been used so much (not sure that this is a medical possibility though!!).

Hope this helps. Both my boys doing really well... E is at Uni and G has just started drama school. they aren't letting PCD stop them doing the things they want to do .

F x


Wow !! 20 & 22

I remember contacting you when Harrison was a baby !!!

That's so lovely to hear Fiona .

Glad they are both getting on with life xxx


Yes indeed!! You might like to bring him to PCD Day next year .... sounds as if he might benefit to talking to some other kids. My boys will be there (pending diaries but should be) and they will be happy to talk to him. Saturday, 30th June in Milton Keynes eventbrite.co.uk/e/pcd-day-...


I'll put it in my diary x


Great ... look forward to seeing you!


Hi I’m 53 had my port in 17 years. Initially had it put in as my veins were terrible after so many long lines. Always so thankful I have one when I need my IV’s usually 3-4 courses a year.


Thank you for replying

Yeah Harrison loves his, after having a few long lines which caused him loads of problems. The port is an amazing idea xx

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