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Physio for 3yr old

My daughter was diagnosed with PCD at around 5months but as shes getting older im finding physio harder she either doesnt want to do it or takes for ever to do anything. We try to mix it up like her physio suggested excercise and blowing games but now its cold she doesnt go in the garden on the trampoline she will bounce on my bed or sofa if i hold her hands. I try running games but she gets bored. She was doing well with bubble pep but accidently sucked the water rather than blow so wont do it properly now! I find jumping is the only thing that makes her cough. Shes a toddler so luckily always on the go at the moment but im so worried shes not doing enough. Her physio should only take 15mins but takes double the time because she just stops or gets distracted!

Has anyone else got a child similar age? I was goinf to talk to her physiotherapist but her last appointment was cancelled!


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Hi .... my kids were diagnosed when they were older than your daughter so I don't have first hand experience. I would get an appointment to see the physio as soon as you can.... don't wait until the next clinic appointment if you can. There also may be some ideas on this page for you,



Hi. My son is now 5. He was diagnosed as a baby. I too worry that we aren't doing enough.

One thing that we do try to do is tickle games. That makes him laugh and eventually cough up.

In fact, a veteran PCDer that I met at the family fun day told me that laughter is indeed the best medicine. As good as a physio session...

We meet our physiotherapist once a month. That's also immensely helpful. She talks to my son and plays with him while doing physio and he's always willing to impress her with how well he's doing his 'blowing'.

The running around also helps a lot :)

Good luck.


Same here with the "tickle therapy" we would tickle her and make her laugh really hard and that usually triggers a really good cough. We also used to play music and give her directions like "jump on your right leg!" for a bit, then left, then jump and spin, or any way to mix up regular old jumping. We also had a mini trampoline in the house that was great for when she was younger!


HI there I have a 2 and 3 yr old and we sometimes have trouble especially in the winter but I have a small exercise trampoline at home that pretty much stays out all the time I brought donkeys that they sit on and bounce around the living room a smaller version of a space hopper and they also sit on my shaking machine on low for a couple of minutes. Running around up and down stairs blowing there flutes anything to get them lungs working we blow up some balloons and run around after them just trying to make it fun for them and get them out of breath hope this helps x x x


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