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Gastrointestinal problems PCD


I am currently awaiting genetic results for PCD. I had neonatal distress and I am under the Rotal Brompton. I had a lung op at 18 and sinus and grommets mid twenties. I am now early thirties and I am suffering with chronic constipation. I am on laxido and mebeverine but are there any other remedies to help? I get pains where the blockages are as well. My consultant said to see my GP as he thought it wasn't related to the PCD. My GP thought it was IBS but could it be linked to PCD?

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Hiya ... I don't think there is any evidence that it is a common problem for PCD patients. Sorry can't offer any other advice. Good luck


Hello Grace,

The main problems I experience with my tummy are caused by the various medications I am on. Mainly I just have to make sure I have enough fibre in my diet, but occasionally it does get the better of me and I have a grotty day. Extra fibre seems to sort it by the next day, even eating something as simple as Weetabix can be a big help for me.

All the best.


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