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mixing with Child with Cystic FIbrosis

Hi. My daughter is starting high school in September. She has PCD and there is a child also starting with Cystic Fibrosis. I have to go to the school for a meeting and to discuss her staying away from the other child??? My daughters main team are CF specialists and are very good, but looking for advice. Does my daughter have to stay away from the other child for his benefit or her own??? Does anyone know??? She has had to leave groups before because there has been a child with CF in them! I'm upset for her because I don't want her to miss out because she is unable to do something she wants, because the other child is doing it. Has anyone any experience or advice on this issue please. I would appreciate any advice, experience or help. Katie x

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Hi Katie, I am definitely not an expert on this so I would be very interested in hearing other people's replies. But I was told my a person with PCD not to mix my child with other kids with CF because of the risk of cross infection. It sounds like the school are being responsible to both kids. I think there would be a risk to your child as much as to the other (e.g, pseudomonas etc). But as I said I'd like to hear other people's views on this and also how the school do handle it in the end. My son will be in school in a couple of years too. Good luck!


Hi Katie , my daughter is currently awaiting genetic results for both PCD & CF (she already has Tracheobronchomalcia and carries strep pneumonia & bacterial bronchitis in her lungs) and we've been told not to allow her to mix with other kids known to have CF. This is because they don't want to cross contaminate infections from either child. Our school are aware and will also follow these guidelines to safeguard both children concerned.


Hi Katie.... there is a risk that they can cross infect each other but not sure how you can handle this in a school environment. Normal things like not sitting next to each other, don't share cups, good hand hygiene I would have thought would suffice. I would ask your PCD Nurse Specialist to help you - they may be able to do a school visit for you. Which team are you looked after by?


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