Does anyone experience dizziness sometimes

The  last two weeks have been very stressful for me and my family because my brother who is 37 years old has been recently hospitalized for  necrotizing fasciitis and is very ill. I have been visiting my brother as often as possible praying he will be taken off life support everyday. I did go to my family doctor because I had a chest infection and got antibiotic but these last few days I have been experiencing extreme dizziness before bedtime. I don't know if it is due to tiredness or because I have been stressed or if it is my lungs. I do get chest pain and wheezing before bedtime lately as well.

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  • Hi - I am sorry to hear about your brother and hope he makes a recovery.  I am not sure about the dizziness but it sounds to me that you should make an appointment to see your respiratory consultant as soon as you can.  You may need some different antibiotics or a change in treatment to help with the pain and wheeze. Good luck and hope you feel better soon too.

  • No idea, but sending support and good wishes your way xx.

  • Hope your brother comes through this OK. From my experience I would guess the dizziness is due to ENT issues rather than chest. I get a lot of unexplained dizziness - usually with a raised / erratic hearbeat and a swell of pressure in my head / ears. I have just got used to it. It seems to dissipate sightly if I can pop my ears. 

  • Thank you everyone my brother is showing signs of improvement and I am taking the rest I so badly needed this week to improve my own health right now.

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