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Deteriorating vision


My eyes have deteriorated significantly in the last month or so with everything becoming blurred and some double vision, especially in my left eye.

I went to the doctors and she told me to go to Specsavers for an eye examination and for them to forward a report to herself. The optician agreed that the deterioration was quite dramatic. I am now I am waiting for an appointment at the hospital.

I have heard of Sjogrens Syndrome and I wondered if anybody who has this suffered from these symptoms.

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Yes i have Sjogrens, my eyes get very sore and scratchy and blood red. I thought for a long time I had conjunctivitis.Any way it seems to have settled now and the vision is not getting any worse. Needed slightly stronger glasses, but not too bad. Good luck with your appoinment :)


i also have sjogrens and my eyes often feel really gritty and sore. after going to both the opticians and local hospital i was prescribed viscotears for use during the daytime and lacrilube to use once nightly.

good luck with your appointment :)

I have dry eyes - waiting to find out if its Sjogrens. Blurred vision, scratchy, bloodshoot, and sometimes sore and itchy. Sounds the same as you.

I have some eye drops but they dont always work. ):

I am also in the process of being investigated for sjogrens, very sore runny eyes and blurred vision. Eyedrops don't work for me either

Hi All, I'm going to see a consultant on 23rd April regarding this, my eyes have been dry and gritty for months now, I've not been able to use my contact lenses since before christmas, I'll let you all know how I get on, Specsavers did inform my doctor to prescribe Viscotears and Lacrilube, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now, sometimes the eyes feel ok, but others times they are still very sore. at night time when I get up to visit the loo, my right eye in particular is really bad feels like my lid is stuck to my eyeball, I first blamed it on my working at a computer terminal all day!

Hi all i had my eye check last week, i wear glasses for reading, and was told the pressure was gone up from 14-16 to 26-28 quiet a high jump, have to go back on monday to get it checked again , i dont have any symptons at all eyes may water slightely when i go out first but then so does everyones.

I had suffered with Sjogrens for years, we thought it was part of my Lupus DX. Anyhow, my eye Doc. put me in touch with U penn's Sjogrens Center as she knew that pilocarpine, a drug for glaucoma, was used to treat. Plugs and many different gels, ointments were no longer helpful and I was having to see her often, corneal abrasions, etc.

I had to use a magnifing glass to see and in general was going to have to stop working.

U Penn put me on the Pilocarpine (Salagar) and Voila. Thing have been good for years..working away.

Lupus no longer a DX, it is PBC. Have just been put on a beta blocker for my BP (had been on Chlorthalidone, a diuretic.) I think the beta blocker has made me more dry and now I am retaining fluid...have piano legs, which is a first..! Have a call into liver specialist as this needs to be tweaked.

The pilocarpine keeps your eyes lubricated, ie less mouth and eye dryness (4x/day). I now take at longer intervals and drink more and I have this fantasy that this change coincided with the disappearance of the dreded itch that had just started at night....HMMM

Hadley in New Jersey. USA

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