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What is your Total Billirubin & Albumin

If you don't mind me asking,need to know if mine in ok range,Doctor says its ok but would like to know what others are on here.Are these two results what they look at first to see how you are doing.Don't see my consultant untill April so got to wait to ask questions,so though i would ask on here .mine is Total Billirubin 18

Albumin 44

Many Thanks

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Hello, since I do not know what the index your lab uses all I can offer is speculation. I am assuming that the total billi is actually 1.8 and the Alb is 4.4? If that is the case the Alb is quite good as the range is roughly (depending which lab) 3.3-4.9. The total billi may be mildly high as the rough range is 0.2 - 1.3. But again I stress that it depends on the index that the lab uses. Bob


Hi Bob welcome to this forum. In the UK the lab ranges do vary slightly from lab to lab but on the whole in my experience of health centres (where are GP's are, I think in States you refer to them as PCP's?) and our hospitals the normal range for Bilirubin is 1-17 and Albumen is between 30-50, as far as I recall but will double check.


Hi, I've been told.that anything up to 20-25 for billirubin is normal. Mine is at 157 which is very high so I don't think you have anything to worry about I don't know about Tue albumin . Take care x


Thank you both for the info,it really helps to hear from real people with PBC and know what they are talking about,what would we do without each other.

Take care X


Mine states bilirubin 15, albumin 38. This was from my Oct 2012 bloods.

My current ones done Feb stated bilirubin 10 and albumin 37. (The Feb were the best results I've had so far for the LFTs since starting on urso Dec 2010.)

Labs can vary but my print outs fro mine stated that the normal range for bilirubin was between 3 and 53 and albumin between 35 and 50. I've not actually taken much notice of the albumin before, mine has been a bit abnormal previously but with PBC the readings can go up and down a bit as mine do. Noticed though my bilirubin has always stayed within the normal range so far on every blood count.

Judging from the numbers you have given cavi, don't think you have much to worry about.

I try to just go as I feel. It is the medical practice I find at times can start making things seem a lot worse as if one states they want to recheck this or that then it just throws you into a bit of anxiety temporarily.


Hi, Normal bilirubin levels are below 20 and normal albumin levels are between 32 and 45. I've previously been told its the bilirubin they want to monitor and would just check it more frequently if above this level. Hope this helps.


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