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Help and advice with ESA appeal needed. Who will be asking the questions?

My ESA appeal is to be heard tomorrow. Will there be anyone from DWP? I am quite worried aobut a confrontation, but I will have someone with me. I am near retirement age and have had ME for 3 years since I was made redundant. I have already had one appeal and was awarded 18 points at appeal, but was called for another Atos assessment after less than a year and given zero points. So its been two very stressful years which is not good for my condition. I have managed to award myself 30 points but worried they won't believe me. I have good letters from two doctors. Any advice?

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Hi jenny. There were three people present during my tribunal appeal but only two people take turns asking questions which will relate to what the ESA decision maker and yourself have previously written. The third person sits quietly typing notes of the whole event. The two people who will be conversing with you will probably be a retired solicitor and a retired Doctor. You mentioned that you have some strong supporting evidence from the medical profession. Please get some copies and subit them to the tribunal staff at least seven days prior to the hearing if you can. If for whatever reason this is not possible please present this evidence to whoever greets you BEFORE the hearing starts, not during the hearing as the panel may refuse to acknowledgr it. Im unsure of whether you have a representative or whether you will be representing yourself. An experienced representitive will perhaps work in your favour however if this is not possible go with a frient who will not only support you at the tribunal but also has helped you out throughout your current trauma. Your friend may be asked questions by the panel so they should be fully aware of what your medical conditions are, and what has been written on the statement. You have not mentioned whether a set date has been given yet. if not, you may be contacted by phone asking whether you will be able to attend at short notice. This is usually within 14 days. if this does happen please be careful and think before you make any hasty decisions. Try to think of the following. Do you have a representitive ? if not, you may still have time to find one. Who will attend the hearing with you ? Please ensure they will be available within the 14 day notice period. Are you ready for the hearing. You have to be sure you are 110% ready for the hearing because the outcome may affect you for a long time.I hope this info is some use to you. I am also going to add a little advice because the panel do offer a fair hearing but they do not offer a compassionate hearing and their questions may be based on trying to catch you out. If you have time, go through the entire document with a fine comb. make notes of the questions that you think you may be asked and how you will answer them without tripping yourself up, then ask yourself, are you happy with the answer or is there something else you can add, that may swing their final decision in your favour. One more thing. How are you going get to the tribunal.Always travel with someone else in a vehicle.ie TAXI. Take whatever aids are available to you that you FEEL COMFORTABLE with. Dont go on your own and remembe,r when you reach the place of the tribunal you will be on camera both before and after the hearing. Your behaviour will be assesssed during such time and may affect the final decision. I hope this is some use to you. Try not to worry and very good luck.DTEES


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