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I had an assessment last july,got zero points,and have appealed and sent in sick notes so i'm on the appeal rate.Not had appeal yet,not even got a date.This week i have received an appointment from atos to go for another assessment.I have not filled on or received an ESA50 and i have not had any word or letter from the DWP.Can they assess you while appealing?

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  • Sorry, littletiger I don't know. I'm still on DLA due to chronic illness. They sent me forms to fill out and I sent them as much info as I could. Maybe you could take medical evidence with you. It certainly wouldn't hurt. I would write down all your health problems and medication, really everything you need them to know and take it with you. Its easy to forget things when you're ill and under pressure. Don't forget to include any hospital appts and tests + list of meds. Hope your appeal is successful, littletiger. All the best :-)

  • hi littletiger,i had my assessment in dec 2011 i got 6 points ,i appealed in jan 2012 and i am still waiting for my appeal date,ESA have know stopped paying me on contributional bases and dwp say i have to complete an esa form on income basis.ATOS and DWP are trying to push people into a corner and make them go to work dispite there illness,so good luck on your appeal and take all your medication with you,

  • i filled in a form and they gave me 6 points for my nerves and non for my bad leg which is full of athritus then i went for a medical and they gave me 9 points because of my bad leg and no points for my nervous condition they said i could walk 200 hundred metres i have not walked that far for thirty years i have been disabled for thirty years and they have cured me all of a sudden i think they want to push you till you get fed up and give in

  • To right there harley1, they try and grind you down. If you mention positive words similar to 'I try and do.....' they use it against you as you are basically telling them you are able to do something, so you need to stress 'I cannot do.....'

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