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The Gym

Hey, I havent been on here in some time and i thought i would share my recent changes.

So i got diagnosed in 2011, i take 1x 250mg or urso twice daily and my results have continued to improve, my bloods with the exception of one are within normal ranges :O)

My last visit with the liver nurse was October, she told me their very happy with my results and to try and lead a normal life and everything in moderation. I realised that she was right and for the sake of my daughter, husband and myself, enough was enough i am going to try and forget as much as i can abt this blasted illness rather waking up every morning feeling shattred and wondering how many of my bones were going to ache today.

I had to go to counselling when i first got diagnosed because of the shock of the diagnosis and the constant worry that i wasnt going to be well enough to look after my 3 yr old (who at the time was 1) and the why me???

I have suffered with the tiredness terribly, i rarely sleep well, i work part time and run around after my toddler i also suffer with confusion, my memory is very qustionable and on bad days my fingers and hips hurt. I thought there was no way that i was going to have the energy to go to the gym but i was so low anything was worth a tyr, i joined for a month initailly. I can honestly say its one of the best decisions ive made not only do i feel stronger (which is a lovely feeling) i feel more in control of my body than this illness, i feel more confident and everytime i leave the gym i feel a sense of achievement. I aim to go twice a week with one yoga session in between, some weeks i dont manage to go at all and others 3 times. I guess i have learnt to realise the types of tiredness. I eat plenty of carbs every hour or two to keep my energy levels up and sometimes i walk out of there on top of the world when an hour before i could barely get out of bed.

I realise the gym isnt for everyone and if someone told me a few months ago i would enjoy going to the gym i would have laughed at them but i think that its good to share postive changes. With the positve changes i have made with the gym its spurred me on to go back to adult education and i am currently looking for a 2/3 year couselling course so hopefully one day i can help others.

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I totally agree with you about the physical and psychological benefits of going to the gym. I admire you for making the choice to be proactive rather than reactive, and to not view yourself as a victim. I have had a gym membership, but have been lazy about going. You have, by what you wrote, motivated me to get off my butt and get to the gym. I vow to go at least 3 times a week. Thank you Judi


Well done Lisa!!

I used to go to the gym before I got really ill & had to give up work.

I wish I could do something, but I don't think I can even drive myself to the gym. I can wish tho...


Excellent Lisa,

I go to the gym five times a week (1 hour each day) and walk at least 1 hour a day 7 days a week. I had been on 2 x 500mg of Urso daily and have dropped to 1 x 250 with all my blood work being stable. With the exception of some joint pain and a loss of memory, which might be the result of being 60 I seem to be in good shape. I have two liver specialists, both of whom feel that the exercise routine that I have has helped me slow down the progression of my PBC.


Glad to see these gym related comments as I have been worrying about exercise. I go to an intensive circuit training group 3x weekly and a zumba class 1-2x weekly. I asked a consultant about this and he said that any exercise should be moderate as the liver needs to rest. I have to make an enormous effort to get there sometimes as classes start at 9am and I rarelty get a good night's sleep. I feel much better coming out than I do coming in! I am 66 and was diagnosed in 1994. Mostly I try and forget about it despite numerous anoying and sometimes painful symptoms for which no explanation is ever found!


Hi there, I exercise at home with a DVD (30 minute lo impact) every other day and go fora 45 minute walk most days I feel sluggish if I miss out exercise. I have been thinking about attending a gym, have been in the past andfind it totally boring but might give it another go. I suffer with weight problems and alway have done. I know I over eat bu I do eat fairl healthy. white meat, fish, salads and veg Unfortunately I do have a sweet tooth after meals.


Hello all,

thank you for all your comments its lovely to hear from like minded people. I hope your all doing well? Unfortunately I haven't been to the gym for two weeks. I started over doing it going 5 times a week, now I've got run down and caught a cold. I am going on Thursday regardless, I am sure i feel worse for not going.

I am interested in hearing from you guys if you have changed your diet since being diagnosed or quit alcohol altogether?

I don't deny myself any food, we eat quite healthy, i am aware and limit, fried food, pastry etc. I also drink wine on social occasion's and have the odd glass every now and then at home. I am keen to gain some muscle and know increasing protein in your diet is good for this but not sure how it effects the liver, does anyone know anything about this?

I hope your all having a good day :)


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