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Consultant appointment

10 weeks till my first appointment with consultant, seems a long time. this will make it 20 weeks before I get URSO. I am asymptomatic, hopefully will stay that way. How long did others have to wait.

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Hi Donkey, try not to worry... Many of us had the condition for many years before we were even diagnosed so a few more months probably won't make much difference.

Also I presume your LFT's were not grossly abnormal otherwise you probably would have been seen earlier by the specialist so you are probably in very early stages. Whilst URSO is highly recommended for PBC, it isn't a cure.... on a basic level it sort of helps to thin the bile, in turn this helps for it to be passed through the Bile ducts. In very early stage PBC where there is very little or no inflammation in the bile ducts, Bile probably isn't getting 'stuck' anyway. So although your specialist will probably get you started on URSO when he see's you, you are most probably not in any harm from not having it for a few months.

It is more important that you try to relax, enjoy life, and look forward to many years more of being asymptomatic. It's just unfortunate that the waiting lists are so long these days, it's a constant waiting game. x


I was diagnosed with pbc but wasn't started on urso for another 10. Months please don't worry it will be fine x




Regarding LFT,s last Alk Phos was 184, so not too bad.


yes and remember a one off reading is just a snap shot of your alk phos at that time. Alk phos can be altered by a whole host of things such as time of day test taken, how much you have had to drink, a common cold etc... that's why the docs take a look at several readings over a period of a time along with all the other blood tests, to see how you are doing...

hugs. x


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