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Checking in -:)

My goodness!! Didn't realize it had been so long since I had been here. -:(

Things have been kind of crazy this month. I found a new product, checked it out with my Doctor and she okayed it. I have now been taking it since the 21st of Sept. and feel absolutely awesome.!!!!

(I have a feeling that this is going to sound like a commercial. sorry - I'm just so excited about this stuff)

This is a powder that you mix with water (or juice) and is totally natural. Has lots of vitamins, adaptogens - which our bodies are usually lacking in - herbs, and just "good stuff". Anyway, I drink it faithfully every morning and I have more "motivation" to get things done than I have had in many a year. Also I don't need a "nanna nap" in the middle of the day; I go to bed at a decent hour (most nights - still have the occassional 1 or 2 am bits), sleep all night thru and wake up ready to face the day and get things done that I haven't been able to do or felt like doing in a long time. My husband says he can see a big difference in me. My house is even starting to look pretty good. LOL

I have also started cutting back on my meds - with Drs. approval and monthly labs - which is a real biggie. I hit what we call here in the States for those on Medicare "the Gap" which means we pay a bunch!!! for our meds, which had been cheaper until we hit a certain limit of money paid out of pocket for the year. Soooo, my meds were going to cost me over $600/mo. which was totally out of the ballpark for me. Then I found this - I call it a "God thing" - and I am extatic!! In case you couldn't tell. LOL

Sorry, ya'll, but I just had to tell you. I haven't felt this good in years!!!

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Hi Tumbleweed41.

Great to hear you have found such a wonderful product that is working for you. What is it called? Maybe we could find something similar over here in the uk? Though luckily our Meds aren't as expensive as with you.

Hope it continues for you,




Sounds wonderful and in the circumstances you find yourself (in the gap) really is a godsend :) Lovely it read such s positive post. Keep well x


Fantastic!!! What's that great thing?

I learned also from Your post, that badly looking home is not my priviledge :D

All the summer I tried to fight, and no changes :( I try to walk with closed eyes :D


Answer to ya'll -

It's a product that my youngest sister turned me on to. It is called ZEAL and is a network market (multi-level company). Sorry -:( I don't care that much about the company (it is a good one) but I can tell you that I am absolutely crazy about the drink!! Today I got up at 6:15am and had my coffee. Then did 5 !! loads of laundry with my wringer washing machine and hung them up. Washed my dishes. Made 4 dozen donuts (hehehe) and delivered 2 doz. to friends. - one with a 2-day old baby girl. -:)). Took some of the clothes down; gathered eggs for the neighbors who are going to be gone about 3 days. Made supper. Took down rest of the clothes; closed up the chickens - and the supper dishes are going to wait until tomorrow. LOL. Tomorrow I hope to get my very large floors mopped, green beans canned and of course my dishes done. LOL. No way - No how - could I have done this before I started with the drink. Not everyone has the same results - we are all different with different makeups, etc. but if you want to know more about it private message me. I don't want get myself or anyone else in trouble if the foundation thinks I'm "soliciting". That's not my intent but I would sure like it if this works with others who have "fatigue" issues. I am just "gaa gaa" about this LOL and that's pretty hard to be at my age. LOL

Hope ya'll have a wonderful day/evening. -:)



Gosh I'm shattered just reading about your achievements, we need this in the UK, I m not sure we in the UK always appreciate our NHS and that it is free at the point of service although it certainly isn't free. Thrilled you are feeling so much better.



Sounds fabulous, in past yr i feel much more fatigued can you list the ingredients that are in it please to see if we have a similar product in the uk.


Wonderful post! I loved reading about the positive results you are achieving. I know of a product that sounds similar but is sold in health food stores. Private message me and I will give you the info. Peace and healing...Judi


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