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Found out I had PBC about 2years ago stage 4, two months ago found out I have celiac disease,so I eat no gluten I'm also a vegan but lately everything I eat gives me a very bad foul smell, sorry Its gross but is anyone else having this problem, do I need to see my doc or is it normal because my stomach is healing? no longer taking omperazole my doc took me off of them. I have learned so much from this site thank you all for your help.

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I have serious gas problems also along with bloating and discomfort with pain. I knowI havegall bladder problem as well as being celiac and I was diagnosed in March 2012.I think that because te liver is related to our digestive system we can expect all kinds of digestive upset, How do you know that your gut is healing? I still take omeprazole...could it be that your gut is not healing as well as you thought, and you perhaps could try a short maintainance dose of omeprazole. Either way I would go and have a word with your doc or consultant about the gas problem.



thanks for your response, I don't have bloating or pain just really foul smell like a sewer, not kidding never had this before so before I call my dr just wanted to hear if anyone else had this problem. How are you handeling having celiac? I'm taking a cooking class for celiac because I'm eating the samething over and over and It's getting boering. But I feel the best I have ever felt in a long time.


I get it sometimes but it doesn't seem to be related to any particular foods, as some days I eat the same food that gives gas and the next time I eat the same it doesn't happen. I think it is part of liver problems and I won't take anything for it at present because it is not that bad. I don't get any bloating or pain


I have had this problem, but at the time is gone. I use Acidophilus, it's good for intestinal health and prevents me from having yeast problems. I have GERD, and use nexium for that. I would mention this to the Dr. for I have read the foul smell is related to PBC.



I have similar problems and noisy too. My wife can hear every step I take. Fortunately for me I have lost my sense of smell. I do chew my food well and drink plenty of water and that seems to reduce the problem. The next step might be a liquidiser! Avoiding large meals, eating a little more often seems to be beneficial as well. Good luck.


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