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Hi i am new to all this. I have just been diagnoised with ulcerative colitis. While having blood test done for this ,they have told me i have automimmune hepatitis/PCB overlap syndrome. What does all this mean, cannot get my head round all this. . Also underactive thyroid for 20yrs. Consultant / GP not said much. I have been put on Prednisolone at the moment , waiting to start Azathioprine when i hear back from Consultant. Came across this site and really hope someone can help. feel like my life has turned upside down, sooooo confused.

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Aw hun, sorry you feel so confused at the moment, I was exactly the same 6 months ago.I too have autoimmune hepatitis and PBC overlap. I also have hashimotos disease which like you is thyroid. I promise you it does get easier, if I can say that; as you learn more about your condition including your limitations. You have done the right thing in finding this web site, there is so much information and support from everyone. Just read through the posts and if you have any questions there will be answers available.

We are not doctors, but we have something in common.....experience.

Try not to stress too much,

Take care



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