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Hi everyone , I have just joined today I have really bad heart burn from taking capsules been on them for 3 month now hope it get better .

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  • Hi Lass50

    Welcome to the group.

    When I first started on Urso I had a lot of tummy problems. I was prescribed Omneprazole from the GP which helped balance me out. I now do not take anything unless I have a problem when I just take a Rennie or Gaviscon.

    As you are new to all this have you joined the PBC Foundation, link through the icon above, as they have a lot of useful information on their new web site. If you are in the USA there is also

    Hope your tummy settles down soon.

    best wishes

  • Hello butterflyEi.

    You should find that if you compare the Rennie with the calcium and Vitamin D (usually supermarket brand is cheapest) the ingredients are the same except there are no additives with the calcium and Vitamin D. The mgs are exactly the same with both.

  • Will have a look, thank you peridot .

    I take Vitamin D as a supplement and now take vitamins A E & K and since doing so I have noticed that I do not reach for the indigestion tablets like I used to. I see you mention apple to Lass50, I find stewed apples also good to take.


  • God, do you not get sick of swallowing tablets all day? I take five tablets a day, just urso and an anti-depressant and I hate taking tablets. I know I should add vitamin tablets etc. but every tablet gets stuck in my throat and takes about a minute and a half to swallow!

  • hi kingerm

    Oh YES! I have never been a pill popper but now taking tablets fills my life. shouldn't take anything for 2 hours either side of the URSO (only just learned that gem) I take Questran for the itch which should not have anything for an hour before and 4-6 hours after so fitting in vitamins tablets is a pain. At least my Vit D is a spray under the tongue. at least we can share our frustrations!


  • Having a seriously bad day. Can't stop crying. Tired and some and tired of being tired and sore. I should be grateful if have nothing worse but I'm not.

  • Hi

    I know how you feel the prospect of pill popping for the rest of my life is very depressing but if it controls our PBC and stops it getting worse at least we will live a normal long life.

    Take care

    Mike 🙂

  • You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself we all do on and off.

    Have a pamper day with a friend or just do something for you.

    It's important to get out when you feel like that.

    Don't be to hard on yourself .

    Sending you a hug xx

  • Hello Lass50.

    I too encountered heartburn for the first few months of starting the urso (December 2010) but it did vanish. I do get heartburn from time to time and am sure it is the urso (I've always had the chalky white tablets).

    Have you tried taking a calcium with Vitamin D tablet when you've heartburn and then having some water. I have found this to be of some help and also eating an apple (I tend to peel mine more often than not) as this also tends to do the trick.

  • Heartburn and acid reflux for me coming from eating too much rich food. When it's really bad (from creamy pasta dishes etc.), it's definitely really bad acid reflux and can keep me up most of the night. God bless Rennie!

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