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Anyone with PBC plus Hashimotos? How was your Hashimotos diagnosed?

Hi everyone. I was wondering how prevelant PBC together with Hashimotos is. If you have Hashimotos but your TFT levels were normal, how was it diagnosed?

I'm asking because my GP thought there was a problem with my thyroid as well as PBC, on account of my unfeasibly cold hands/feet/nose amongst other problems. But my TFTs came back normal and then I heard about Hashimotos and just wondered whether that could be the problem. Could I have Hashimotos with perfectly normal TFT levels?

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Answer: Yes you could. I have hashimotos disease with autoimmune hepatitis and PBC. With Hashimotos disease, it would be antibodies that your Gp needs to be testing you for. I have hashimotos with normal TFT. I have suffered with this 18 years and my hashimotos went untreated because my TFT was normal..I was diagnosed in April this year with AIH and PBC after being rushed into hospital feeling quite unwell and having jaundice. I am in no doubt that because my hashimotos went untreated it caused antibodies to multiply, which made my antibodies then attack my liver causing the problems I have now. I have posted a blog called Dangers of untreated hashimotos disease..it may be helpful.



Conniefused, thanks so much. I will bring it up with my GP now I know :) Sorry it was such a problme for so long x


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