A big thank you from MoPo

Yesterday, on my birthday, I was feeling a bit down and sorry for myself and I wrote a blog entitled "Life is passing me by". I want to say thank you so much much to all the people who posted messages, wishing me happy birthday and giving me advice and encouragement. It means so much. I know that you are the only people who really understand. I was overwhemed by the response and it did cheer me up. I have taken something from the replies I received and it is 'take one step at a time and do what you can when you can and don't beat yourself up when you can't'. Once again - thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • Happy belated birthday!!! What difference a day makes. I say with all the stuff we deal with with PBC we are entitled to have a Pitty Party any time we want to.

  • Too right. We are only human. Glad we were of some help. x

  • Hi Mopo, Never let PBC get you down. If you feel unwell, just laugh at it. It will soon pass. I have had to adopt a "laugh at it" attitude in order to cope. I think it works. Well most of the time. I wish you a belated Happy Birthday and many more. Take care ok. Keep laughing......XXX

  • Happy Birthday and any more don't let your bad days get you down I promise you will have good days and when you do enjoy the hell out of them that way when a bad day comes you can say I am just tired today then put on a good movie or read a good book and chilllax ( that means chill out and relax) for tommorrow will be better....

  • Happy day, we will all get thru this together

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