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I am looking for mortgage term insurance and life insurance cover

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed with PBC in 2010 and am a first timer on this site. Having read some of your concerns and queries it seems we are all in the same boat. I have lots of questions but one that I would like help with is insurance. I have recently re-mortgaged and wanted term insurance to cover the mortgage. However, due to my PBC a well known national insurer has refused insurance on health grounds. Does anyone out there know of any inwsurers who look at PBC differently?

Thanks for your help


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Hello PiPi.

Like you I was diagnosed with PBC in (Dec) 2010.

I have since I left home at 18yrs of age (47 now) had life insurance and 4yrs ago being a widow since I was 29 I decided I would take out a joint policy with my son who was 19 at the time as he had none. I just got a cheap (£10 per mth) policy that would give some cover in the event as I didn't fancy anything happening to me and my 2 children (daughter is now 26) having to pool together to pay any funeral costs, etc or perhaps in the event something happened to my son as I was working but just about making ends meet. the policy was 6mths before I then met my now 2nd husband. We married 3yrs ago now.

I've never had any problems whatsoever with life cover in the past and when I got PBC I rang the insurance co. up to inform them so there may not be any comeback in the event of. I was informed after some checking out that when the policy runs out it is 'very unlikely' I will be asked to take a further one out.

I did find one insurance company who would insure me as last yr my husband and I were going to have joint life but when it came to myself, got tedious. Then this co. stated it would cost my portion to the tune of £75 per mth so I decided the way forward would be to just take out one of the 50's+ in a couple yrs., the one on the tv (if you are in England that is).

I owned my home outright when my husband moved in just before our marriage and tho' we did want to get a house that we had bought together, I just do not want the hassle of life cover so we have a different plan re getting a house, to rent.

I know this won't help but until my PBC I never thought one day I might struggle with any form of life cover and I think it unfair how insurance co's are so willing to over-charge if you do have something. You'd think by now someone could come up with a more comparable insurance set-up as after all with PBC we could all still be plodding about one and two decades from now and nothing much changing with it.

But then again, if doctors struggle to get the grasp of PBC what hope can there be?


Thank you for the information. I will certainly look into alternative cover as suggested. Like you say it is not fair that the insurers take advantage in this way. It is a whole new world really!!!


I did the same thing and I was refused mortgage insurance because of PBC.


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