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Cost of Ocaliva in the US.


Diagnosed last year with PBC. ALP was 755 and after a year on Urso only down to 540; been checked 3 times since diagnosis. Dr. is talking about adding Ocaliva. His words were "I don't want to bankrupt you but..."

I have health insurance (medicare and supplemental insurance) but am still concerned that insurance won't come close to covering the $84,000 yearly cost. Wondering if anyone in the US knows of a medication assistance program which will help cover the costs. Also wondering what others in the US are paying for this medication. Pharmacy couldn't give me any idea of cost with my insurance...but the look on the pharmacy clerks face was priceless when she looked up the cost Ocaliva.


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Your dr should be familiar with Interconnect Services. He will have to contact them. They help you be able to get Ocaliva. They are wonderful people & will definitely help you. I couldn’t have gotten Ocaliva if it weren’t for them. They help those who have no insurance & those whose insurance either doesn’t cover or cover enough of the cost.

Contact Ocaliva. They will give you assistance paying for it. They pay for 1/2. Your insurance will pay the other half. I was on it but it made me itch too much so got off of it.

As the previous reply states interconnect was contacted by my doctor and I was signed up for assistance, they are wonderful and I have no copay since I have insurance through my employer. My first prescription of Ocaliva arrives today

gwillistexas in reply to Gurnis

Hope it works well for you. I’ve had zero side effects😊

I believe the Assistance Fund ( has a program that assists PBC patients with the cost of Ovaliva and some formulations of Urso.

Thanks all! Sorry to hear about the itching Pea1234---hope your Dr. able to find an alternative.

Ktltel in reply to kp1234

Has your doctor mentioned fibrates?


I'm on it. When I went to pick up my first prescription, the pharmacist almost fell over. She said "That will be $7890 please". I said there must be a mistake. She said, "no, your insurance denied it.". I told her kindly to put it back on the shelf and I would speak to my doctor. The doctor got the same message, worked with insurance, got it covered and I only had a copay of $42. The drug maker picked up the rest and I now have a zero copay.

My side effects are minimal. More fatigue than usual, a bit more itching, but only once in a while. Some weird rashes/skin eruptions, but nothing I can't handle. I do have cirrhosis, so It's not going to help me much.

gwillistexas in reply to ROprish

Wow!😮. So glad that worked out. You started it today & already having side effects?

ROprish in reply to gwillistexas

No, I'm on my 9th week of it. My third shipment arrives today. My number have come down slightly.

gwillistexas in reply to ROprish

Guess I missed a post somewhere, lol! Sorry. Maybe it was someone else who was just about to start it. Hope it continues working in your favor😊

gwillistexas in reply to ROprish

It was kp1234...👍

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