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PBC fatigue vaccine question

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Hi Everyone. I was diagnosed around 10 years ago with PBC. Urso worked at first, then they had to increase the dose. Ocaliva was added a couple of years ago. I find my exhausted bad days are becoming more frequent and find this discouraging. Just wondering how others have faired after the vaccine. I’m absolutely terrified to get it. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to read that the fatigue days are becoming worse. I have had no real problems with vaccination. I had the Sinovac (2 doses) with no problems at all and have just had the Pfizer booster which wiped me out for a couple of days. Are you thinking that the fatigue is associated to the vaccine rather than PBC?

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pbcgirl in reply to butterflyEi

No, I haven’t had the vaccine yet. It’s totally the PBC causing the fatigue. Thank you for the info. Not sure if we can get Sinivac here. I really appreciate your input.

I do respond well to Urso and do not have PBC-related fatigue. I got the Pfizer vaccine. The first shot was no big deal, just some soreness in my arm. The second had me in bed for a full day the day after my shot and the arm pain was 10x worse, but after that one day I felt fine. I started feeling lousy about 5 p.m. after getting the shot around 9 a.m. I'd plan for a day off the day after your shot if you get it. I've heard Moderna is worse and my symptoms weren't much worse or about the same as several of my friends who do not have PBC.

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pbcgirl in reply to Michi1

Thank you for the reply. We have both Pfizer and Moderna here. I’m just trying to research to see how everyone made out so I can make a better informed decision. Thanks again for your reply.

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Stub007 in reply to pbcgirl

I also had Pfizer, my second dose being 28 January and my booster (by a stroke of sheer luck) last week. I had minimal soreness around the stick site with the first two. With the booster, I didn’t feel the stick and had no detectable reaction. I have nothing negative to report regarding my personal experience with the Pfizer vaccine. Don

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pbcgirl in reply to Stub007

Thank you

I had both Pfizer shots. I never had any real reaction to either of them.

I get more side effects from the flu jabs.

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pbcgirl in reply to Candy12

Thanks for the reply

I had both Pfizer shots. The injection site was sore for 2-3 days and I was very tired the 2nd day. I will be getting the booster shot next week. Pfizer dosage is less than Moderna. In general, anyone I know who got Moderna had an more intense effect.

Having said that, because Moderna uses more vaccine studies have shown its effect lasts longer than Pfizer. Moderna is looking for USDA emergency approval for a booster but it would be at 1/2 of what the normal dosage was (first 2 shots.)

I think everyone whose doctors recommend the vaccine should take it. It is not smart to take the unvaccinated route especially if your doctors recommend it.

I have had both my Pfizer shots. I had no symptoms from the first one. About 24 hours after the second one I developed chills and body aches but these only lasted for a day (which is a normal response to the second Pfizer jab). After 2 days I was back to normal.

I was a bit anxious myself with regard to having an autoimmune condition and getting the vaccine, mainly in that I didn't want it to impact the PBC negatively (I was diagnosed with PBC in November last year) but still wanted to get vaccinated. I asked my liver specialist about it just to make sure it was ok to go ahead and he said yes. For me it has been fine and I feel a lot better knowing that I am vaccinated.

Thank you

That is my concern as well, I don't want the PBC to progress. Thanks for your reply.

Thank you

I had Pfizer. No real issues with either, except the day after the second shot, fatigue hit me. I slept 10 hours that night. Really haven’t felt like myself since. I do know some of my labs went up and my estimated kidney function dropped. The vaccine was the only thing I did different. Even thought my drs recommended the vaccine, I wouldn’t do it again. I will not take the booster. I wish you well with your decision.

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pbcgirl in reply to gwillistexas

Thank you for your honesty. I have a friend that doesn’t have PBC and hasn’t felt good since she got it.

So hard to make a decision.

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gwillistexas in reply to pbcgirl

Yes it is a hard decision. But what’s done is done. I hope your friend gets along okay. 😊

Hi p b c girl, I’ve had p b c for over 10 yrs now, haven’t taken any meds as I seem to collect there side effects, so no meds in all that time, I’ve had both vivid vacines , numonia and flu jabs and apart from a sore arm and a bit off for a few days I’m fine😬I think I’m our shoes it’s safer to have the jab . All the best

Hi p b c girl, I’ve had p b c a few yrs longer than you , I also have the start of fibrosis , I can’t tolerate urso or obetheolic acid so have had no meds. I’ve had both Covid jabs Astra Zenica,flu and numonia jabs and apart from a sore arm and feeling off for a few days I’ve been ok, I also suffer from fatigue , prob better for us to have them than not , all the best 😬🐾

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pbcgirl in reply to Boysanboys59

Thank you

No problems after having two shots of Pfizer of the Covid 19 vaccine . It has been a few months now since I had the last shot.

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pbcgirl in reply to liverinarow

Thank you

You are welcome😊we need to stay safe .

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