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Hi all

Fealing tired yawning all the time I've been signed of on sick thinking of giving my job up wot help and support would I get can anyone give me some advice has anyone else been in this situation x

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Sorry to read you're feeling tired all the time. I know how this feels, as I'm feeling the same way. I've just been diagnosed, haven't seen the liver specialist yet, so have not even begun treatment, so I have no advise for you, but I can sympathize how life altering the fatigue can be. I'm typically one to be energized, get things done, etc., but the severe fatigue has turned me into the opposite. I'm struggling to force myself to just get the essentials taken care of. Then there's the guilt for not getting stuff done that I feel I should be able to do. I also suffer from the joint pain, so that too limits my desire to be more active.

I will be following your post and hope others with more experience have some advise we can benefit from.

Purdy2017 in reply to HermansMom

Sorry to hear your fealing the same it's very depressing it fills like you've lost your spark it's a horrible fealing pepole just dont understand thank you for replying

The fatigue that comes with PBC is very real unfortunately there is as yet nothing in the medical kit bag that is available to help. However for many the idea that movement is medicine seems to work, just a little and what you can manage of course this does not fit in with full time work which can exhaust us. Depending on the size of your company, whether or not they have an HR department who can help with reducing hours or if you work for a small company then a chat with the boss might enable you to have more time. If none of that is applicable then you can apply for PIP but it is quite difficult to get I believe. I am sure someone will come along who has applied for it but if not have a look on the Government Website. I don't know what Citizens Advice Bureau is called nowadays but I know they can be helpful and I am sure if you telephone the PBC Foundation they will be able to help you.

Thankyou for you kind reply I'm of from work at the moment and starting to fill a little better I work as a support worker for sat sun of Monday back in for another 3 days early and late shifts thay no I have a medical problem but thay dont realise how it effects you I did talk to the pbc help desk thay suggested talking to them and getting a letter from doctor regarding the shifts but I cant see them acomadating me some how I have worked all my life and its depressing about not working but I might have no option my health comes first x

Hi Purdy, you may already have checked through blood tests but are you sure you are not iron deficient?

I was diagnosed by chance 18 months ago. Leading up to diagnosis I had been yawning all day, every day. Would get an early night and still wake up tired and start yawning. Anyway, ended up I'll and while testing for other things they discovered PBC and pernicious anaemia. After a course of iron tablets the anaemia got better and the yawning stopped. Worth checking.

All the best to you, hope you get sorted.

Purdy2017 in reply to Noomum

Hi thankyou for your reply I've been lacking in iron before but reasontly had blood test come back ok I am starting to fill a little better since I've been of work I do shifts and it's making me really tired

Noomum in reply to Purdy2017

Yeah, shift work is probably the worst kind of thing when you have a condition like this. It just messes your body clock up. Hopefully you can find a better solution.

Hi there

I had to give up work a couple of years ago due to the fatigue. I claimed esa and got it and just got pip but it’s not easy to get this time was my second time of trying. Only got the standard rate for it. Still in deciding weather to have the look at it again. Pop is based on what you can do. Hope this helps

Purdy2017 in reply to kimphoebe

Hi yes I'm considering it I do fill better having time of from work I work shifts as a support worker fri sat sun of Monday then back for another 3 days early and lates it's just exhausting me then its home life on top to much I've worked all my life but only now I'm struggling x

It can be a nitemare, before I finished work after my shift I could just about manage to walk to my car and as you say there’s your home life I found I was making food and going to bed by 7, just to get up the next day. And then sleep all weekend , that’s no life.

Purdy2017 in reply to kimphoebe

I no exactly so you were doing shift work to ?

kimphoebe in reply to Purdy2017

Was for Sony as a team leader, just went in one day and only stayed for a part of my shift and walked out as couldn’t do it anymore. I was on sick leave for 3 years before was finished on medical grounds

Purdy2017 in reply to kimphoebe

I No it's the things I did enjoy I'm to knackerd to enjoy them anymore and your right it's no life x


I can't even imagine having to go to work as some days showering and dressing are as much activity as I can muster. I'm a stay home parent but have tended my nieces for the past 7 years. My 14 yr old has been caring for them during this pandemic time as I am truly incapable of giving good care. I had to inform my brother that with school starting soon I can't take them anymore because even a couple hours after school is too much. "Tired" seems like such a mild word to describe the debilitating way it alters your life, but I've found that making the changes and accepting my new normal help me to feel more in control as I don't feel like I'm failing as often. I've adjusted my days so I get more done in the hours I feel well and save low energy activities for the times and days that I don't. I find I'm less frustrated and my mental state is improved. Maybe you won't have to give up working all together, but perhaps your current position and hours aren't in your best interest?

Hi I no this tiredness it's horrible I cant lower my hours I do 30 a week but thay cram all the hours together by the time I have a break I've had it x

Don’t give up, once you Seen have your consultant and on the right medication you will start to feel better . I had 8 months off sick and felt terrible, try taking some vitamins and vitamin D as the liver doesn’t absorb vitamins properly . I had to go back to work part time but managing better I still have some off days , I feel better than I did.

I hope you feel better soon

Purdy2017 in reply to Roz49

How many hours do you work I'm all ready on medication I have been for 3 years x

Roz49 in reply to Purdy2017

Only 25 hours 1-6 and I work in childcare, if I feel tired at work I usually eat something sugary that does the trick.

Hello everyone, I have read some really interesting replies on this thread and all very helpful. I suffer with fatigue and I have done from the very beginning. The only advice I can give really is, if your body says sleep, then sleep. I used to fight it, and kept on working, sometimes 17 hour shifts, but I got to the point where I kept having flares because the working and travelling all put extra strain on my already struggling body. I have retired, very reluctantly because I loved my job, but things seem to be improving on other levels. I dont feel as tired as I did and if my body tells me to sleep, then that's exactly what I do, but when I was working, I couldn't do that.

Take care everyone xx

Hi I'm trying to make that decision at the moment it's really hard to no wot to do for the best been home for8 weeks I no I wont to give up work it's just taking the jump x

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