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Intressted to know if any ladies with PBC ever experienced any irregular vaginal bleeding? I misscarried at 14wks in Oct 2010 which led to me developing symptoms & a diagnosis of PBC. My periods have always been regular plus i have not been on any contraceptions but in the last month I have been bleeding every 2wks......I visited my GP last week and was told to make an appointment with the nurse for a vaginal swab.....basically I just wondered if any1 else has experience anything similar. Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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I have recently had the coil fitted as a result of irregular, long lasting and heavy periods. something that coincidently started at the time of diagnosis.

I'm sorry for your loss, I have also had two miscarriages and a still born little girl.

I have often wondered if, miscarriage and still births were any more common in those who have PBC, my theory being that as PBC is predominatly found in females then there may be a hormonal conection? or perhaps I just think too much about the whys and what fors...


TYVM for yr reply...heartfelt sorrow for your loss too :(

U r definatley not thinking too much (was mental confusion listed as a PBC symptom?....if not then it should be lol) Have u manged to go full-term and deliver a healthy baby(I pray this is the case)

My symptoms after the miscarriage came on rather suddenly and intense(itch in ear, painful joints etc) leading to blood tests and PBC diagnosis.......but this bleeding is a new one to me?


Sorry to read Cherry17 about your loss.

I have read other posts and also a survey I filled out last yr (think was British Liver Trust one) mentioned irregular periods.

Don't know if I'm one of the 'luckier ones' here regards the female cycle as I've never had irregular periods nor problems with getting pregnant early 20's (I am 47 now) twice when wanted to be, had straight-forward pregnancies both times with pretty easy births.

My cycle is still as regular as clockwork though at some point I expect the start of the menopause to surface. I do then maybe anticipate PBC altering slightly if this is down to hormones. I certainly have that thought too itchyandscratchy that being predominantly female it could be down to this...tho' the other thing then and know this is straying a bit but PSC is predominantly male so would be interesting to know if there is a difference there.


hi -- i am so sorry to read about your loss. i have lost 3. it is heartbreaking and i still feel it to this day. -

Since you asked, i also had irregular periods - more towards the end of getting them tho. my periods ended in 2007. - :) since i am 54 now i have no need for it any longer. - good luck to you - dolores


I am so sorry for all your losses. x Like periodot I had two straight forward pregnancies and births in my 20's. I agree with peridot that there must be a link with hormones. I was diagnosed with PBC/AIH overlap syndrome last year at the same time as I was diagnosed with starting the menopause (I am 47 now). Too coincidental I feel. x


So sorry for you losses :( I am 46 and was just diagnosed with PBC. I have not had a normal cycle in about a year now. I have had only 4 periods this year. I was told by my gastro that it does push you into menopause early. My gynecologist confirmed I am starting menopause and with my FSH levels, should be done with it by next year sometime. I'm not sure if the fatigue is from menopause or PBC!? Also the hot flashes are horrible! I feel this is definitely hormone related as well. I wonder if a birth control pill would help us? Maybe we have too high of estrogen or progesterone? I don't know.. just taking a guess since this disease affects mainly women.


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