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Why are my legs and feet very cold and tingling


I seem to have developed very cold legs and feet that have a tingling, almost burning sensation, even though I feel as if i am freezing from my thighs downwards. Went to the doctor and circulation is fine. It used to be just at night occasionally but now it has carried on into the day. I was diagnosed with PBC 4 years ago but am stable with little liver damage. I do suffer from the chronic fatique. Anyone have similar symptoms or could give some pointers as to what it may be and what I could do about it. Thanks

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I had burning/cold sensation in feet creeping up my legs. The second doctor I saw diagnosed peripheral neuropathy. I am now prescribed Neurontin (gabapentin). I also sometimes get tingling in my hands.

This link to the NHS explanation may help you if it is neuropathy


and for balance I like the mayo clinic in America


Thank you. I did look into this, but mine is the whole leg and not mainly the feet. I'm sure it's some sort of neuropathy but don't know what the cause could be. Thank you for the links.

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