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Things continue to be confusing. Had an MRCP, which my doctor wanted to do to rule out PSC (since I also have Crohn's), and it did. So good news. It showed "No convincing abnormality within the biliary system on MRCP to

indicate primary sclerosing cholangitis as clinically questioned. Mild biliary prominence is within normal limits given age and post cholecystectomy status." So, now she wants to do a liver biopsy to confirm PBC, since my ANA and AMA are positive and ALP of 237. By the way, I feel fine, other than some fatigue. Thoughts?

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Hi Chefess

Good news that they have ruled out PSC. I had a biospsy over 10 years ago to confirm my diagnosis. I believe that the biopsy is used now to confirm a diagnosis in cases where the blood test results do not give a clear indication of PBC. The biopsy to my memory was uncomfortable but quite quickly done with a good rest after in case of problems after the procedure. I think it was about 4-5 hours on the ward for observation afterwards. Hopefully someone who has a more recent experience will come along soon and give a more recent account of the procedure.

Fatigue and PBC go hand in hand and at the moment there is no medical help available. The fatigue rarely hits me but I am an "itch" sufferer.

best wishes

Chefess in reply to butterflyEi

Thank you so much for the info. This is a confusing disease, with not much information out there. So good to be in a group of people who understand.

butterflyEi in reply to Chefess

If you have not already done so it is a good idea to join the PBC Foundation (free to join) the web site is an accurate and useful resource. :-)

When I did my biopsy, I was put totally under anesthesia. It was a sonogram guided biopsy & they took a few samples. It was fine. There were 3 doctors: surgeon, a resident & the anesthesiologist. In addition there was a nurse & a sonogram technician.

You have to lie on your side during recovery & they hook you up to these machines to monitor you. It was fine, had to be there another few hours before they release you to go home. As soon as you wake up they give you a drink & a snack as you have to fast for the procedure. Can’t even have water.

Schedule it for the very first thing in the morning.

It is the waiting for the biopsy report that is the most nerve wrecking.

The biopsy will be okay. Good Luck.


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