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Huge spike in LFTs


I first went on this path to being diagnosed by a sudden spike in my liver function tests about 3 years ago. They gradually went back down to normal and have been in the normal to high normal range since then. Taking Urso. I happen to have seen two doctors in a couple of weeks - it's just that time of year when they want me to come in for check ups. Both doctors ran blood work and there was an overlap - had my lfts done twice. The first set of bloodwork was for my gastroenterologist. My liver numbers were somewhat raised from last spring but not alarmingly. Then 2 1/2 weeks later, for my primary doctor, I had blood work again and my lfts went from in the 50's to over 300 - in two weeks! Has anyone else ever had this? Both doctors are on vacation this week so I can't talk to anyone. Anything I can find on line speaks to alcohol consumption. ( I never drink) New medications - nope. And other underlying factors - all of which lead down the road to cancer of something. I stopped reading. I can say that I was under extreme stress during that two week period. I would love to think that this spike was just the stress which I have now gotten under control.

Has anyone else experienced a gigantic spike like this and did you ever get any answers? I know I never did four years ago. We just did one test after another that eventually led to the PBC diagnosis. My doctor also thinks I have an overlap of Autoimmune Hepatits but we are only treating the PBC with urso at this point.

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Sorry this is happening. Talk about adding more fuel to the fire.. (Stress) But, just think if you hadn't had that second labs done? There are others on here with hepatitis overlap. I'm guessing its something to do with that. Maybe even that AND the added stress. How do you feel though? Anything hurting or feeling just out of sorts??

Hopefully others with hepatitis overlap will chime in for you soon. Take a deep breath... You're not alone. Things will get figured out. ❤❤ Please keep us posted.


littysgirl in reply to Ktltel

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply. I am extremely tired, more than usual, but I’ve got also good reasons for being that tired with a house full of 11 people staying with me for a week and then a sewer line break that I cannot seem to locate. Just writing those words gets me all tense already! However I do have my itching back and I feel like when I have itching, that’s when my test levels have risen. I’m seeing my gastroenterologist today for an endoscopy and I hope I will have a chance to ask him some questions. If not, I’m sure he’ll call me with results later in the week and maybe I can try then.

Update. Saw my gastro to day for an upper endoscopy. He had seen my most recent bloodwork when he got home yesterday and read all his messages. He doesn’t think that stress would do that. He also said that you don’t normally

see those kinds of numbers with PBC. You might see them with AIH. He gave me a script to repeat the blood work and is adding other tests for autoimmune markers which I had done about 3-4 years ago when I first started on the journey. My results were always not black and white and after consulting with a doctor from Mt Sinai in NYC, we decided to treat for PBC because the treatment was more benign that the AIH treatment. I also have diabetes and the prednisone and immutan mess with blood sugar levels. He also saw for the first time small varices in the esophagus which I guess would indicate damage to the liver. So I’m also going for a CT scan of my abdomen. When he gets all the test results back, he’ll confer again with the Mt Sinai doctor about what the next step should be. I will keep you all posted when I start learning things. On top of this I have house plumbing problems that I can’t seem to solve. From one day to the next I have to switch priorities- what’s my biggest crisis today?

sometimes when ive had a virus or a particularly stressful time my lfts have gone up quickly.... any extra pressure on the system seems to cause a problem even eating the wrong stuff!!!

best cazer

Hi, Please don't worry, I also believe that stress can fluctuate the LFTs, I am in a similar situation. Diagnosed with PBC 9 months ago my LFTs reduced drastically after just 2 months on Urso, however 5 months on the ALP has risen again and I believe this may be stress related as my mother died and I started a new job during this period. My hepatologist assured me that whatever the reason, he said don't despair there are other meds available now if Urso does not work. Research on PBC in the UK is going well and other meds now approved for use. Please stay positive, I hope this reassures you. My niece is a GP and also said LFTs can fluctuate. x

Hard for me to believe you can't see your hep. Does he or she have a doctor on call to cover them? You should not have to wait in fear. I am sorry. Not sure how system works in UK.

I don’t think stress can spike that much..something must have flare up aih within 2 weeks..repeat the test and follow up your dr and always think positive

In aih alt does fluctuate 🤗🙏

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