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Positive AMA M2 test - diet changes?



I am not sure who to ask - I had a positive AMA M2 blood test last year, I have no symptoms and my liver function test was fine so the doctor is not concerned and does not think I have PBC. I have read lots about PBC and am wondering whether I should be altering my diet to eliminate gluten and alcohol in order to help prevent PBC from developing.

I am not sure who to ask as the doctor is not very helpful.

Thank you so much in advance for any help or advice you can offer.

Best Wishes


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Yes alter your diet..... and the ama2 is for liver so see someone else who will engage and keep you healthy 😊


Although you’ve not been diagnosed with pbc and may never be.

I would have a chat with the pbc foundation before you start to change the way you live, they will be able to advise you what to ask your doctors and what if any follow up tests you may need. The link is at the top of the page.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is good advice for everyone but elimination diets are difficult to follow if you don’t have to.

Hi Jobylou,

Just curious why your doctor tested you with AMA M2? it's not a routine test for patients without any symptoms. I got tested because of elevated liver enzyme. My AMA M2 came back positive. 3 months after switching thyroid meds from synthroid to Armour, my liver enzyme became normal but the AMA M2 is still positive.

So I am not formally diagnosed with PBC but on the watch list. My doctor says I may eventually develop PBC. I believe a healthy life style can delay the onset.

Thanks so much for the replies - I had the test because I had a swollen finger and the doc tested for rheumatoid arthritis believe it or not.

I have asked for the test to be done again but they said it is too expensive :(

I went to GP with extreme fatigue and nausea and for these reasons was tested and got positive AMA . Had Abdo scan. No problem. Now having fibroscan in June.

How about Lupus? Lupus can also cause this kind of result?

My doctor is not very helpful. It maybe to early. Or it maybe a diffent auto immune.

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