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Sun Exposure :(


Hi Everyone,

Do you experience extreme itching after sun exposure? It’s one of the symptoms I started having few years before I was recently diagnosed. I thought I developed allergy to the UV rays. It became hard to enjoy the sun. Gradually I started protecting myself with lots of sun screen and making sure I sit in the shade when I’m in a park or the beach. When I was diagnosed few months back, the doctor told me that I should avoid the sun. Now I wear long sleeves and no shorts when outside. I also make sure I’m protected from the sun when driving as my left arm gets most of the sun and the itching will last for days :(. Summer is here and I’m going to the Mediterranean, where I’m originally from, for vacation. It’s very hot there and I’m worried sick! I’m thinking about buying UV clothing but the stuff is super expensive!!

My dermatologist said I should only use zinc based sun blocks as regular sun screens are heavy on the liver... that stuff makes me sweat like crazy and I hate it... To make a long story short, it all sucks and I was wondering if any of you are experiencing the same issue, and if yes, what solutions, if any, have you tried to make your life outdoors easier.

Thank you in advance.


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Funny you should mention it but I got minor sun burned on Saturday on my neck and the itching was 10 times worse than normal.

I have noticed that I itch worse after being in the sun.

ZEMR in reply to Wocket

Moderate to long Sun exposure for me causes a different itch than the regular one. The exposed areas, even if not itching before, they start itching badly, few hours after the sun exposure. They become reddish, and if the exposure is long, then the skin gets inflamed. Nothing noticeable to other, but it’s very tender and uncomfortable for me. The terrible part is that the itch would last for days!!! Luckily my face is spared from this reaction, otherwise it would have been a nightmare to go out when it’s sunny 😳😳😳😳😳

Good Morning...WOW! As if we don't have enough to deal with, now the sun! Bummer...Ex sun worshipper here. I never thought twice about being out for hours at a time sans sunscreen. I'm from the baby oil and iodine era. Paying the price now to reverse damage. I still love being outdoors, and the thought of not enjoying summer makes me sad. I have found that all extreme heat in too large of doses will stir up an you said, different type, yet still rather annoying. So I still indulge in heated activities, just much shorter times. Apparently hot bathes, saunas, too much hot sun, all cause itching. As far as sunscreen and any other lotion put on the skin...please use something natural if not organic. The commercial stuff is full of harmful ingredients that our skin and livers do not need. I too dislike zinc based ones. After extensive research, I found CARROT OIL. It has a naturally occurring SPF of 40. Problem is that it is thick and pricey. I found a great option. There is a product called BRONZO SENSUALE ORGANIC TANNING LOTION. IT does a great job of blending into the skin( I put it on over my body cream). Carrot oil mixed in brings it to the perfect SPF 30 I need. Article I read stated that the higher SPF's cause their own problems. This stuff was tested on me in Punta de Mita where I played in the sun and surf, not all day, but didn't count minutes either. Guess burn, not itchy skin..Hope this helps.

FYI...I started making my own body butter a few years back...I like knowing what goes into it and its super easy to make. Costs about a fifth of what I would spend to by something close to the purity of my own. Best of times on your vacation

ZEMR in reply to mrspeffer

Wow, very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. I just have few questionsif you don't mind.

The tanning lotion you use with carrot oil, doesn't tan you instead of protecting you?

And how come when mixed with carrot oil it's only SPF 30, while carrot oil by itself is SPF 40 like you said? is it the quantity of it that changes the SPF?

And finally, can you tell me how you make the body butter? I'm all for natural stuff now. I started cringing from anything that has ingredients I cannot pronounce!!

Thanks agin mrspeffer :).


mrspeffer in reply to ZEMR

Hello...the only thing I can think of is, like you said, when the carrot oil is mixed the natural did becomes diluted. It does not really tan you due to the spy factor.

My body butter is a combination of oils,but butters, plus some other stuff. I'm happy to share my recipe or you can Google one. If you send me an email, I will send if off to you.

ZEMR in reply to mrspeffer

Thnx, will message you 🌹

My itching is a lot worse in the sun so i try to avoid sitting outside when its sunny. I get so itchy round my neck that my skin gets sore and inflamed. It comes up in bumps that look like blisters. I smother myself in Diprobase or Epimax cream. My arms are always itchy with heat. Drives me mad most days.

ZEMR in reply to Missboro

That sucks :( , and I completely understand. I do go through more or less the same thing, and it's very aggravating!!! I guess we can't just get up and go like everybody else. We have to be well protected from the sun, and the heat before we decide to head out for fun or other. Definitely not easy!!

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