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I'm so glad I found this Forum!

Hi Everyone, I've been diagnosed for over a year, I've had a liver biopsy & scan which said I had a fatty liver, I've got other issues, such as emphesema and COPD, underactive thyroid. I look really well considering! But recently I have had really bad joint pain, especially in my shoulders and a very dry mouth, anyone else got these symptoms? Thanks for being there, in advance...

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Welcome. Dry mouth and eyes- yes many here report this as well as achy joints. Glad you found the group as there is wonderful information and encouragement and support to give and get!

You should also join the foundation as they have fantastic solid medical-scientific information about PBC diagnosis, management etc.


It's free to join. Highly recommend.

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Have you checked your ANA?


Hello and welcome.

It seems once you have one auto immune disease a whole load of them come along as well. I have pernicious anaemia and peripheral neuropathy and suffer dry eyes I also have one or two very painful finger joints and get stiff if I sit a while. I have also been diagnosed with rosacea. You have a lot to put up with I hope you have a good doctor.

Best wishes


Welcome. I have fatty liver and PBC. Dry mouth & eyes are a side effect. I have dry eyes which hurt and are red most of the time at work. (I sit in front of a computer all day.) I keep water at my desk but don't have dry mouth to bad.

As for joint pain, I do have that overall. My dr claims it's not a side effect but Google PBC and it is.. I'mso frustrated with him but maybe of us have the pain.

The most common symptoms are fatigue and itching.

Good luck and Take care.


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