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Azathioprine side effects


Not posted for a while but find encouragement from everyone’s posts.

Having had PBC for 4 years and recently been diagnosed with PBC/AIH I was wondering if anyone has had nausea with taking Azathioprine. It comes in waves and I generally feel unwell since being on them.

Would love to hear from anyone who is experiencing the same

Thanks xx

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Yes I was on that drug when first dx but couldn't dolerate it made me so ill. So was put on another drug very similar.


Thanks for your reply. I seemed ok at first been on it about 3 weeks and feel really ill on it now. Got an appointment on the 12th January in Birmingham to see a specialist nurse so hopefully she can sort something. Can’t carry on feeling like this. X


Mayb they sort something out then and I also got appointment in Birmingham on the 12 th January at the clinical trial unit


Hi Jayne 1863

I too have been diagnosed with PBC/AIH overlap. My consultant started me on Azathioprine but I couldn't tolerate it due to the sickness, so I'm now on Mercaptopurine.

The consultant told me that there is a few different types of immunosuppressant tablets they could prescribe, so it would be just trial and error to find out what agreed with me.

Thankfully I've been on Mercaptopurine for 9mths with no ill effects. So don't suffer in silence, speak to your Consultant and request another medication.

All the best.



Since dx with AIHin 2011, I've been taking 50 mg. Azathioprene. Lately, I've been getting nauseous shortly after having taken it, I am going to see what my doctor thinks about Mercaptopurine. Thanks.


I did badly for about a month when I first started the medication. I’m taking 50mgs and down to 10 mgs of prednisone and 1000 of urso. You have to eat while taking AZA. I would vomit a lot at first. Also drink at least 100 oz of water a day. I’m the pee queen no doubt. Good luck to you with this medication. So many swear that it saved their liver.


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