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Positive Ama M2, all blood work for liver gallbladder normal, suspected other autoimmune disease

Hello everyone. I did some autoimmune tests, AMA M2 was found positive.Have been to doctors rheumatologist and gastro, did all liver blood tests in a 2 months period, all were normal, .Bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, all of them were ok. I do not understand, the doctor said it can be a cross-reaction for other autoimmune disorder.Indeed i have signs of other disease, joint pain and some other issues, also thyroid issues.So I don't understand.And another doctor said to repeat and have a quantitative blood test of AMA m2, because if it was with other antibodies and it was just positive but maybe 2 points elevated than normal or something like that, it is not accurate as a blood test.So it was not like- from 0 to 160. It was. just positive.Can someone help me please?

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Hi Elineea

I cannot answer your question but I notice that no one has dropped in to say hello. Welcome to the group.

It would seem that once we have one auto immune disorder there is a strong chance that another will come along.

It may be worth sending an email to the PBC Foundation or if you are in the UK telephone them as they have a help line.

I think a hepatologist is better placed than a gastrologist to give us the answers we need, is there one in your area?

I am sorry not to be of more help but hopefully someone will come along soon who can give you a better understanding from their experience.

best wishes


Hi Eileenea, what 'other' auto immune issue do you have? for your thyroid issue do you have hoshimoto or hypothyroidism or thyroiditis?

I am in a similar situation as you. My doctor has not formally diagnose me with PBC yet. Just monitoring by taking blood test every 3 month.

Not much of help but at least you know you are not alone. Let me know what your doctor say.



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Hello. They are not sure what other autoimmune disease

You also had positivie Ama m2? You did a positive/negative test or a quantitative one like 1:150 ?

My gastro said that if all liver blood work is ok It must have been a wrong test. He wanted me to do a quantitative one.

I will take that this month.


Elineea, sorry about the delayed response. I was tested positive on AMA M2 3 years ago. It was 23.0 and now 30.1 My liver enzyme and bilirubin fluctuates between high normal or slightly elevated. No medicine given for it yet.

I never done a quantitative test. Not sure what it it.

I would appreciate if you let me know what's your result.

Best wishes,



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