Holy Cholesterol, Batman!

Holy Cholesterol, Batman!

I had my cholesterol levels checked while at the doctor on Friday and can see my results online. I have not spoken to him yet.

I've attached a screenshot of the results. Holy crap, 670..

My cholesterol was 300 when I had my son in June, which they said was related to the pregnancy and not a concern. I'm guessing they were wrong?

We don't eat fast food. I have been eating an anti inflammatory diet and follow it the best I can. I am avoiding refined carbs, red meat. I get plenty of fresh veggies and eat meat (fish or chicken 2 to 3 times a week).

I am losing weight consistently with calorie counting.

I'm exercising by walking around the park with my baby in a stroller about 3 to 5 miles a day (weather permitting) & I bought an exercise bike and am riding it an hour a day. I always get My 10000 steps in, even just milling around my house cleaning and whatnot . My dr was pretty happy with that. He said that is way more exercise than most people get

What am I missing? Is there something else I need to be doing. Is this related to the AIH/PBC overlap? I'm taking Urso, prednisone and Atarax.

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  • 😱wow!!! I dread having my cholesterol checked since I kept it down low with statin & hdl was 59. I read early on that Urso & Ocalvia can cause it to go up. Double edge sword ☹️

  • My triglycerides went up to 193😮 and cholesterol to 273 but I can’t take atorvastatin due to intense joint pain... gotta do something..... let me know what they do for you glue..... hows your good cholesterol hdl

  • I see your numbers now... let me know what the md does

  • When they stopped my statin end of June, my labs were: total cholesterol 158, triglycerides 98, Ldl 78. This cholesterol stuff is scary. Let us know.

  • I'll let you guys know what my dr does. I'm expecting someone will call Monday.

  • Not sure where you live, but in the States drs want total under 200. LDL is the bad one & HDL is the good one. They want HDL to be as high as possible. If LDL is high & the HDL is high, it helps offset bad.

  • Sorry looks like I've got my h & l wrong way round sorry folks ignore my previous post. I'm in the UK we just seem to get one figure & it's in single figures. Xx

  • It happens. 😊I get stuff mixed around all the time. I've still not heard from my doctor yet today. I'll let you know what he says.

  • 😊

  • About the HDL (good). The lower the HDL risk factor, the higher risk for heart disease. The higher, the less risk. ❣️

  • Maybe you should read cholesterol guidelines from American Heart Assoc. That should clear up any questions you may have. 🌷

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