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Has anyone here with liver PBC and additional liver diseases had a gastric bypass?

Hi all,

I am looking for other people with PBC that have also had gastric bypass surgery. I am trying to find out what additional information we need to know. What questions we should be asking our doctors and basically about increased mal-absorptive issues to expect as our PBC progresses to stage 3 and four.

P.S. I wasn't diagnosed with PBC until my four week follow up after Roux-en-y gastric bypass. I thought I was having gastric bypass to loose weight to improve my diagnosis of NASH. Good news is I lost all the weight but bad news is I still have NASH and was later informed of the PBC:

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To Q8Cooper - there is another really great organization to join with some folks, I have read about and with whom I correspond also, who have additional liver diseases and have had a gastric bypass. It is the PBCers.org - you can subscribe at PBC_Digest-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Then access their Digest; you might not get it immediately - they will send you one soon after you join; See posts from that group and click on "Reply to Group" under any one of the posts. Then create your own heading like you did here, and start typing your question; tell them you are new and are wondering about that subject. Very easy, and it will give you access to another group of us who are experiencing PBC. Kathleen in Ohio, 73, Stage 2. PS: I know of one in particular who has four liver diseases and has had a gastric bypass, but won't mention here who she is here - you can ask that question in your post. If she wants to respond, she will through the Digest.

Kathleen in Ohio, 73, Stage 2


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