Bouts of nausea

Does anyone else suffer from bouts of nausea and, if so, are they PBC related? For several years I've had periods of nausea lasting a few hours to a couple of days and I can't seem to find the trigger for them starting or what makes them eventually stop. I'm never actually sick, just feel very queasy. I've got my annual appointment with the consultant in December and I'll be asking him about this but thought I'd try first to get some info from you PBCers.

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  • That's a good question...Imhad a bout of nausea last week. Once on Monday then again on Thursday. I thought it was maybe some kind of a bug but I have heard others complain about a nausea issue as well. Please let us know what your doctor says.


  • Hi, I certainly have nausea every now and then. My consultant would say it's not PBC related but he never thinks anything is. I think it is. Never had it when I was younger - except for when I was pregnant. Sometimes my nausea gets so bad I cannot make myself go to work and very often it happens around the time my period is due. I really do think my hormones are affected the PBC. Of course it could be the other way around... Who knows?

    All my consultant ever offers me is different kinds of pills and except for urso and a few others all the medication I have tried have made me feel even worse.

    But do ask and try to find something that helps! Might be something out there's,

    Good luck,


  • Yes, I have had bouts of nausea and don’t know what causes them as far as what I’ve eaten or done but I do think they are related to the liver. Years ago I was on a medication that caused me to have nausea. Blood tests showed that the medicine elevated my liver enzymes. Off the medicine, no nausea. I was diagnosed with PBC last January and I did have bouts of nausea. Started URSO and no nausea. I had to go off the URSO for about three days ( wasn’t sure if I was having an allergic reaction) and I had nausea. I have not had nausea recently but my experiences tell me it is related to my liver and elevated enzymes. I would think (don’t know as a fact) that perhaps there may be things I eat or some random thing that may cause my liver enzymes to change (maybe only for a short while) and then I get the nausea. I can only speak for me but I think it’s liver related. Please let us know what you find out

  • Interesting point you make that certain foods might raise liver enzymes - I'll have to do some research and also a food diary when I get the next bouts of nausea and see if there's anything that I can pinpoint. Thanks.

  • Yes I get nausea I think it’s from the URSO and having PBC, as it’s worse since starting the URSO.

  • Yes I get nausea as well

    Never vomit but certainly feel like it.

    It always passes.

    Anyone find coffee helps?Strange as it may seem. Sometimes a coffee helps pain and symptoms Recently read that coffee protects liver, so maybe I’m not crazy.

  • I'll try coffee next time I get the nausea - got nothing to lose! You never know!

  • I think I can relate to this, maybe. I have Silent Migraines Its basically a migraine headache with no pain. When I was younger it was menstral related, and now that I am older it has developed into Ocular Migraines (vision disturbances but no pain). It has several triggers like stress, not enough sleep, hormone imbalances, not enough water, bad diet, etc. I usually have nausea with it. My mother has painful migraines and my grandmother has the painless ocular migraines, so it runs in my family.

  • May be you also reactive hypoglycemia.. ask for 6 hour glucose test!

  • Do you get very hungry all the time with this? I can’t ever feel full I feel like I am hungry right after eating? My fasting glucose is always near 90-100 but my doctors say it is in normal range.....

  • Have you done 6 hour glucose test already ?

  • No because my fasting is in normal range she isn’t interested in doing anymore blood sugar testing but I may ask again soon I think when you have autoimmune disease they blame every symptom on that and that’s it for them!

  • My fasting was normal too.. my glucose dropped to 68 three hours after I ate and slowly backed up to day I was constant hungry and next day not hungry at all..I was stubborn, angry, my palms had burning sensation which I still get it every now and then, head ache and struggling weight gain no matter how much I ate..

  • Are you feeling any better? Did you get diagnosed with blood sugar problem?

  • Hi . I feel nauseous every morning. So don't know what causes it. I take my urso after breakfast. But to stop the nausea I have a couple ginger nuts every morning. Before anyone says I could be pregnant. It's certainly not the case . I am coming up 50. Lol . But I've just had a biopsy 5 weeks ago because my bloods are all over the place atm. Still waiting for results. But was thinking that could be why I'm feeling nauseous. Haven't always been like that& took urso for over 3 years x

  • I get nauseaus frequently. Have not figure out what triggers it. But I know greasy food and too much sugar seemed to have some impact. One doc says it is IBS, another one says it is gastritis. When it happens, I take Ranitidine or some herb medicine. Then I will burp and feel some relief. It doesn't always work though.

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